photo: Yasmin Alishav

photo: Yasmin Alishav



photo: Yasmin Alishav

photo: Yasmin Alishav

photo: Yasmin Alishav

photo: Yasmin Alishav


With a name as metal as “Wolf“, I already knew: leather jackets and long hair or not, Wolf was going to be full blown double neck guitar epic. Pair a name like that with a Top Chef veteran and then top it off with a superb “ode to LA” concept and consider yourself as good as gold. It’s been a long time in the making, but beloved Chef Marcel Vigneron finally has a kitchen of his very own and as expected it has all come together quite beautifully – literally and figuratively.

I was dining in the dim light at Wolf just weeks after their official opening, and even at 6pm on a Wednesday I was stunned (yet not) to see the place completely – and I mean completely – packed. It’s a practically windowless long cozy joint so needless to say it’s not understated and inconspicuous exterior luring in the curious and window shoppers. There’s only one answer to the very sudden success: the eats. Not one dish leaves Marcel’s kitchen imperfect or simply satisfactory. Every dish has this artful feel, even “heartful” if you will, with a masterful quality and a wonderful sense of warm familiarity. As Wolf explains, “our inspiration stems from the variety of cultures that make up our city, from Thai Town to Taco Trucks. Our goal is to combine these traditional flavors into something uniquely Los Angeles.” I see it, I smell, it, I feel it, and well, I absolutely love it. #thehypeisrealpeople


Favorite Cocktail | Wolf In Sheeps Clothing: Tito’s Vodka, elderflower, cucumber, habanero, lemon/ROCKS. Delicious, but I may also have chosen it because of its epic title.

Must Order | If it’s on the menu… order the gnocchi as it was freaking phenomenal. Like “worth-completely-ruining-a-diet-over” phenomenal. I was told the dish was kind of a happy accident and thus was just a special for the evening, but here’s hoping this blog post makes a big enough case for the dish to remain a permanent thing! Also worth ordering: the beet and citrus salad, the mushroom risotto (which is vegan by the way), the hamachi crudo, the brussels sprouts, the braised beef cheek and the scallops. Or apparently just one of everything.

Perfect Spot For | date night // hot new spot to check out // finally getting to eat some of Chef Marcel’s incredible creations // an epic weekend brunch

Pro Tip | Make a reservation and order the special(s).

Fun Fact | ‘Wolf’ is the meaning of Chef Marcel’s mother’s maiden name. Still pretty metal.

Bonus Fact | Directly next door Chef Marcel is opening up a fast casual plant based concept called Beefsteak – it’ll be opening soon!


WOLF // 7661 MELROSE AVENUE, LOS ANGELES, CA, 90046 // 323-424-7735

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