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Superba Food + Bread


Superba Food + Bread is the most unlikely, likely of suspects to place a flag of establishment down in the Venice Beach soil. Or concrete/sand what have you. The Venice “brand”, based off of what you can assume to find along, say, its Abbot Kinney/even Main Street corridors, has an aire of wealth and rich creativity loosely masked by a sense that everything (and everyone) that make up that Venice brand would prefer to be marketed as naturally rugged, bohemian, and yes of course, unpretentious. Superba Food + Bread on Lincoln Blvd, a few blocks from the beach and it’s similar Venice counterparts, fits in quite well with the fabric of the Venice neighborhood they’ve chosen to call home; they knew exactly how to cater to their “people”, but with that they’ve also clearly managed to set themselves a part in a way that is only making their fair city a far better one at that. Let me explain. 




Let’s start off by being honest with ourselves here and say, you can’t exactly expect to enjoy a meal at any one of Venice’s trendy spots and spend less than $20-$30 per person, especially should you be dining during dinner service. Not to say a meal at Superba Food + Bread could be any different, (seriously, you could go completely wild ordering just pastries) but when I came in for lunch at Superba the other day, I was pleasantly surprised to be handed a bill I thought for sure would be double or triple the actual amount. Good food doesn’t always have to be over priced and in Venice that isn’t a principle that’s easy to come by, but fortunately Superba Food + Bread has found a way to get around that and create a space where, really, any budget is welcome. I’d suggest trying to bring more than $5 but even then you could probably get by.


Superba Food + Bread | Chopped Chicken Salad

Superba Food + Bread | Avocado Toast


Skeptics and the Debbie Downers of the world might say, “ok, but the avocado toast… emphasis on the “toast”…. for example is $8. That’s not exactly affordable.” True, but if you’ve actually ever ordered the toast you’d know it was two toasted slices of thick bread topped with a generous amount of deliciously shmushed avocados – and avocados ain’t cheap! It’s in other words, completely filling – I know because I ate it and was very satisfied. But the buzz, the obsession, the chatter over this simple little infamous staple: valid. It’s life changing some might say.


Superba Food + Bread | Pastry

Superba Food + Bread | Cappuccino


Superba Food + Bread is the kind of place/space you walk in to and immediately find yourself pleased, even before the avocado toast. Everything about Superba is well, superb? The open plan design that blends indoor and outdoor seating, the wall of wine, the long counter of baked goods that stare at you with those “just friggin’ order me” eyes, the Fleetwood Mac mini mural, the fun color palette, an open kitchen, the coffee bar, and just the mod/chill/stylish California vibe will all coax you into a total state of happiness.


Superba Food + Bread | Cinnamon Roll & Banana Bread

Superba Food + Bread | Coffee Bar


I couldn’t tell you when the best time to come to Superba Food + Bread would be because I’d imagine it’s just as incredible for brunch, as it is for lunch, dinner, or simply coffee. It’s the kind of place I could find myself hanging around at all day if I were allowed, just ordering cappuccino after cappuccino, enjoying snacks and sunshine, seeing the locals and travelers alike come in and out, and watching people relax, drink wine at lunch, and forego all diet restrictions to enjoy a beautifully crafted Superba pastry. I don’t know what else much to tell you about Superba other than this is just one of those places in LA I’m so genuinely happy exists, I want everyone to enjoy what Superba has to offer because it’s the kind of place I think anyone could.

Superba Food + Bread is simple perfection.




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