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Top 5 Favorites of 2014 In LA: Restaurant Openings



2014 has been a great year for the food and beverage industry in Los Angeles: from the kookiest to the most classic of restaurants that have recently opened their doors, LA has done the global foodie scene proud. I’ve had the personal pleasure of partaking in tasting as many of these recent phenoms as possible the past year and as difficult as it is to pick favorites, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. From start to finish, top to bottom, food to fun, these are Love & Loathing Los Angeles’s top 5 favorite restaurants that have opened in 2014; lets see how many you’ve been to too and whether or not you agree!


1. Republique



There really is such a thing as “perfection” and you can find it in more ways than one at my favorite restaurant that opened this year: Republique. I know, I know. It’s on everyone’s who is anyone’s “top what have you” lists, but the place just lives up to the hype! What can they say! Between top-notch French inspired cuisine amongst a setting so beautiful it’ll make you cry, you absolutely cannot go wrong dining at this La Brea hot spot.

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Hancock Park: 624 S La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036 | (310) 362-6115


2. Butchers & Barbers

Love & Loathing LA: Butchers & Barbers Branzino

Love & Loathing LA: Butchers & Barbers Interior

Most of us Angelenos, and potentially most of you visitors, have paid a visit or at least heard the buzz surrounding any one of the numerous, infamous, Houston Hospitality bars/lounges. The frustratingly innovative and creative brother duo behind the firm have entered the “can’t stop won’t stop” phase in their career and as of a few months ago, decided to embark on their first journey into the realm of dining. And, as completely expected after the inevitable successes of their other hot spots, their first restaurant venture, Butchers & Barbers, hit the nail on the nose. Craft cocktails galore, a menu that’s easy to please, and a classic Houston Hospitality chic vintage setting… it all just does it for me.

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Butchers & Barbers

Hollywood: 6531 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028 | (323) 461-1464


3. Superba Food + Bread

Superba Food + Bread | Pastry

Superba Food + Bread

May I introduce you to, my favorite place in all of the world to have lunch/have coffee/eat a cookie/feel like a euro while drinking wine in the afternoon on a Tuesday: Superba Food & Bread. I know, I’m hilarious and all, but this is not a joke. Superba was a highly anticipated Venice opening this year as the buzz about the gorgeous space, the food, the coffee, and of course the bread starting swirling around the foodie scene. In true Southern California form the the open-plan space offers plenty of outdoor/outdoor-ish seating to soak in the beach air, and from pastry counter to patio, it’s impossible not to fall in love. Being the regular that I am here, I must say that my favorite thing about this place, besides the avocado toast of course, is the fact that everyone love to engage in a little day drinking. – So day drink we all shall! Superba promotes relaxation, and I promote Superba.

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Superba Food + Bread

Venice: 1900 S Lincoln Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90291 | (310) 907-5075


4. The Commissary | Pot – The Line Hotel

"Old School" Pot at Pot in Koreatown

Pot Koreatown Menu

2014: The year of the Line Hotel & Chef Roy Choi.

This here is a two-fer-one because K-town’s Line Hotel is on fire right now and lawd have mercy if they aren’t giving every other new hot spot in town a run for their money. LA’s poster boy chef Roy Choi opened Pot, his “cafeteria” style restaurant with more traditional take on Korean food, in March and a few months later opened his second spot in the hotel called Commissary; the gorgeous “greenhouse” on the 2nd floor. Between the incredible food to be found at Pot and the spectacular setting that can be found at Commissary – plus the added bonus of awesome cocktail lists that can be found at both – you’re in good hands at the Line Hotel. Very good hands.

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The Line Hotel Dining

K-town: 3515 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90010 | (213) 381-7411



5. Brilliantshine

Brilliantshine: Chicken Wings


The Santa Monica gem that is Brilliantshine was probably the biggest more-than-pleasant surprise discovery I made this entire year. Even though I’d heard quite a bit about the interesting menu and the incredible cocktails I wasn’t prepared for just how hard I would fall in love. The magic begins the moment you walk through those swingin’ saloon doors into an almost Disneyland-like hidden courtyard where lighting is incredibly dim and conversation is consistently buzzing. Brilliantshine is the perfect “out-of-the-box” dining and whiskey cocktailing experience that Santa Monica was in need of, and whether you’re craving a Peruvian inspired brunch, a Peruvian inspired dinner, or just a good ol’ fashioned craft whiskey cocktail, Brillianshine’s got-chu.

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Santa Monica: 522 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401 | (310) 451-0045


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