10 Things On #NYLONshop We Kind of Wish We Didn’t Want to Wear, but We Do.

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Like most girls in their twenties, I’m a huge fan of Nylon magazine as they are one of my go-to style and beauty tip sources. They’ve always been the edgy, out of the box, and borderline rebel influence in the fashion world so I hate to admit but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I found out they actually had a “store” on their website. But as I was perusing, making my Christmas list, I was amused at what I was finding; fashion mixed with sass, sarcasm, brutal honesty, obnoxiously loud colors, metals, and kittens – all with a touch of princess and a hint of girly of course. I’ve never been a huge fan of graphic tee’s or shirts with too much shit going on but in the special case of #NYLONshop, I found myself being completely entertained and wanting to express my shared appreciation for food and irony by clothing myself in said Nylon wear. So, love ’em, don’t love ’em, but here are my favorite things I’m considering purchasing and reppin’ from the Nylon magazine shop…. You ready?


Nylon Shop "Pizza Is Forever" T-shirt

Fucking. Genius. Biker T and Pizza, it doesn’t get any better.

Nylon Mag Christopher Walken T

Why do I want this so bad? I can answer my own question. It’s a Christopher Walken T-shirt.

Nylon Mag Taco Tank

“It’s Raining Tacos!”… You’re god damn right it is.

Nylon Mag Wiener Dogs Sweater

I don’t even have a wiener dog and I still want this.

Nylon Mag "Bacon" Sports Bra

Nothing speaks to me quite like sarcasm and irony.

Nylon Mag "Creep It Real" Sweatshirt

Thaaat’s loud. And funny.

Nylon Mag "Champagne" long sleeve

Oh you fancy huh.

Nylon Mag Tiger Tank

Nothing says expensive like a kaleidoscope tiger tank. Nobutseriously.

Nylon Mag "I don't care, I love it" TankYou’ll never be able to get the song stuck out of your head, and neither will anyone who reads your T.

Nylon Mag #OOTD crop top

hee hee hee hee… OOTD. So stupid yet so funny.

So there you have it! The Pizza T-shirt is IN my shopping cart as we speak. Hope you found something to take home as well, that is if you found any of this as entertaining as I did of course. It takes a brave person to wear a graphic tee, you’re certainly subject for judgement but I second the “I don’t care, I love it” tee above. Express yo-self.

As a side note, make sure to check out the pencil skirts and dresses in #NYLONshop – there’s a few in there with my definite stamp of approval, no funny business, just leather, prints, and fun. Happy shopping and happy Fashion Friday!

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