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Week two of WWMD… let’s dive right in.

I received an e-mail from a dating single expressing that finding a date isn’t a problem, it’s finding a good one.

She has recently been on countless dates, brought to her by OK Cupid. Since the most recent date was just as bad as the one before, and the one before that (and so on), she wonders if she should call it quits, in regards to dating websites.

The answer to that is no, but not like a “NO” (in all caps), just a simple “nahhh”. Dating sites are here to help, because most people now-a-days simply do not have the time to go out and search for a significant other. Normal and perfectly good people are available on such sites, but they are not the end all be all. So let’s venture outside…

Where and how did I pick up on (good) men, or shall I say where did (good) men pick up on me not at a bar or a nightclub thats for sure. Second to dating sites, people are usually drawn to clubs or bars to meet the opposite sex, but for women looking for a good man I’d suggest otherwise… what is “otherwise” when you don’t have the energy to wear a cocktail dress and heels? Be a loner. That’s it. That’s my trick.

Clubbing or going to a bar with your best girlfriends is a great time, but a waste of time in respects to the dating world. It is very hard to meet and get to know a guy while 5, even just 2, of your friends are pulling you every which way onto the dance floor or back to the bar; a crowd usually signs intimidation and unapproachability.

Loner = approachable

My suggestion to my anonymous reader is to scout out the busiest coffee shop(s) in LA, even nice (busy) restaurant bars work. Take your work with you and just sit alone. Be approachable, anytime a single that catches your eye enters MAKE EYE CONTACT AND SMILE!  No nothing too crazy or ridiculous, you are just acknowledging their presence and sending a nice welcoming gesture, which makes it that much easier for them to approach you.

Tip: Have the waitstaff remove the extra place setting so that it’s obvious you are not waiting for anyone. Also, sit near the area where people wait to pick up their coffee; this allows more time to initiate conversation.

As always, feel free to comment with questions or send me an email at Michelle@loveandloathingla.com,  HAPPY HUNTING LA!

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