A Birthday Only LA Could Give You. : Heather’s Tale From The LA Underground

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Name: Heather

Occupation: Fashion Merchandiser

Location: Atwater Village

Favorite Neighborhood Spot: The Morrison

Most Memorable LA Moment: I had the kind of 21st birthday that only our marvelously strange city of Los Angeles could give a person. After drinks at Katsuya, my sister and I began to walk to our first bar stop when some guys from the restaurant who’d been bothering us pulled over and tried to convince us to get in their car. Since we weren’t all that interested in being murdered, we regretfully declined, but had barely walked 5 feet when another car pulled over next to us and the driver said, “Don’t you girls know not to talk to strangers?” As I rolled my eyes and prepared to issue a snarky comment, I couldn’t believe my eyes as I looked over to find that the driver was a very well-known actor who played my favorite character on a popular HBO show.

We told him that it was my 21st birthday, and he said we had to celebrate with some champagne back at his place (mind you, he was over 20 years older than us). In our drunken haze, we decided that this sounded like an excellent, hilarious option that we just couldn’t turn down, potential safety and expectations on his part be damned. He shared two bottles of champagne with us and over the course of the evening we found him to be really friendly and funny, in spite of the fact that he occasionally peppered conversation with comments like, “I don’t mind it when girls are taller than me” (yes, we were both taller than him — very subtle). At some point his friend, the manager of a rock icon (what? how? why?), came over, and suddenly I found myself alone with him while the actor disappeared somewhere with my sister. We shared ten minutes of awkward conversation, with me continually inching backward from him, before my sister and the actor re-emerged, and I had to fight back laughter at the bewildered look on my sister’s face.

On the way home, I would find out her funny face was the result of her having arm-wrestled her way out of hooking up with him. Yes. … Arm-wrestled. … An Emmy winning actor. … In order to convince him that they would not be sleeping together. … And yes, she won.

After a little while longer of hanging out and promising to meet up the next day, knowing full well said reunion would never take place, we bid our farewell. The entire way home, we giggled at our spectacularly bizarre evening and at one of our favorite actor’s apparent disappointment in our lack of promiscuity (and admittedly strange defense tactics to keep it that way). Thanks for the memory, Hollyweird.

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