Did you know that Hawaiian shirts are cool again? AND that they appeal to all ages and genders? It’s true! And if you had any doubt, allow me to make my case.

It all started a few months ago when I paid a visit to one of my favorite stores/brands in Los Angles, Paul Smith. As I was perusing the ladies section, I came across this bright yellow, button down short sleeve shirt with a floral print. I thought to myself, “I have never really thought to wear a Hawaiian shirt but now that I am seeing this I think I need it.” I didnt buy the shirt that day, I should have but let’s not harp on it, but since then I have absolutely obsessed over Hawaiian shirts for girls.


[Shop the Hawaiian Shirt HERE – it’s on sale right now too for $59.99! They only have a size Small left, but that’s what I am wearing and I am usually a Small/Medium | Shop great gold necklaces for layering HEREShop more button down tops HERE | Shop more cute denim shorts HERE]


I’ve gone so far as to buy mens Hawaiian shirts to tie up and wear for myself – see Dodger shirt example below. I cannot tell you how many compliments and questions I received over this shirt, and it only solidified the fact that I was seriously on to something here with this whole dorky dad shirt thing.


Sure enough as time went on, I started seeing more and more Hawaiian style shirts popping up in stores, but Hawaiian shirts that were actually made for girls and actually meant to be fashionable. Can I just say how satisfying it feels to be right? Hawaiian shirts are cool and I knew it the whole time! They’re even cool for younger guys these days! All the hipsters (can we call them that anymore? am I getting old?) are rocking palm tree shirts, just ask All Saints.



But ladies, if you’re wanting in on the Hawaiian shirt trend I fully support it. If you cant find what you’re looking for at your go-to stores, go thrifting! Buy mens shirts! Tie ’em up! Roll the sleeves! I am telling you, you are going to surprise yourself. If you’re in need of a little inspo in the meantime, here’s a few I am loving right now:


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