A Sneak Peek In To the Oscars ‘Governors Ball’ Party

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A Sneak Peek In To the Oscars ‘Governors Ball’ Party


I had the rare, very special, and very “Only In LA” opportunity to attend a preview of the 87th Annual Academy Awards Governors Ball last night in the heart of Hollywood inside the Dolby Ballroom. I love me a good excuse to dress up, eat an array of Wolfgang Puck’s delicious bites, drink champagne, and pretend for a moment that I’m a somebody. The Dolby Ballroom space is positively to die for, it’s gorgeously lit with a true “old Hollywood” feel, and it truly is the ultimate space for the famous and glamorous to come together in one room to be famous and glamorous.

The food for the evening is prepared by one of LA’s favorite/one of the world’s most respected chefs, chef Wolfgang Puck, and although one might think celebrities and A-listers only eat carrots and lettuce, at the Governors Ball they will be getting down on all that is full fat and comforting – like a caviar baked potato, mac n’ cheese, sushi, pot pie, handmade pasta, lobster salad, and of course a number of dessert options. With every dish I tried (which was all, duh,) I announced to my company that “that is the best _____ I’ve ever had”, and I assure you there was no exaggeration – huge compliments are in order to the kitchen for preparing so much of such delicious food! Hollywood royalty will be eating and drinking well tonight, take a sneak peek inside the party with me to see what will be going down post awards this evening!













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