“I LOVE LA IN THE SPRINGTIIIIME”, sing it with me now! Totally not how the song goes but still totally works. I swear though, at the first signs of Spring something comes over me and I have this urge to put all the colors on, all at once. It doesn’t last forever, but it happens nonetheless – clearly. This season though I am really into yellow/marigold/gold tones; to me it just screams “sunshine” and it has been a color I’ve been really drawn to lately. Whether that be bathing suits, tops, or in this case dresses, I’m loving me some mellow yellow.



This comfy little body con number is from a SoCal based brand called Bishop + Young and I am loving so many things from their new Spring collection! I love that they’re a fellow LA brand, I love that they’re inspired more or less by the stylish LA girl on the move, and I love that their price points are totally affordable and fair. They’ve actually got a TON of pieces that I think would be perfect for festival season, so if you’re looking for some fresh inspo Bishop + Young might be the ticket. AND because Bishop + Young and I love you so much and want you to look your best this Spring, use my code ‘CAROLINE25’ at checkout to get 25% off your purchase!!! You. Are. Welcome. Now get ‘ta Spring shoppin’.




// PHOTOS //

Tommy Garcia Photographer



DRESS: Bishop + Young – Cutout Ribbed Midi Mustard – $95

JACKET: Levi’s (vintage)

SHOES: Superga



  1. Teak says:
    This wall is everything !

  2. Ohhhhh yes baby girl. The best wall and the best lady. I LOVE!

  3. Hannah says:

    How did you get that wall without the cars? I pass it everyday, and have never seen it without the loaded parking lot!

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