The Larchmont



Located in one of LA’s cutest neighborhoods, on one of the cutest streets, in one of the cutest houses on the bloc, The Larchmont sits pretty on Melrose in Larchmont and offers the ultimate setting for intimate and cozy dining. From the two story craftsman structure, the home-like features, to the warm and friendly service The Larchmont can’t help but scream “home”. A home of a friend with some dough, an excellent eye for design, a fully stocked bar, and a personal chef of course, but a home you love visiting all the same.

Lunch is served Monday – Friday from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm and it’s during this time you will usually find studio execs and local business type here for lunch meetings, sitting on the quiet patio enjoying the quinessential California setting as they chat over million dollar deals. Dinner however, which is served Monday – Saturday 6 – 11 pm, attracts a bit more diverse crowd from couples to double dates, to friends out for a drink there to enjoy one of LA’s most cozy and quiet (relaxing quiet, not crickets quiet) dining settings in a town full of echoey spaces and loud talkers – guilty.




The Larchmont has recently hired on a new chef – Kevin Kathman – to take over the kitchen, and when I’d first heard the news I was thrilled yet terribly disappointed that I’d never gotten the opportunity to taste their infamous burger before it was apparently too late. But, Kevin and the crew being the awesome and thoughtful people that they are have kept the burger on the menu for all to continue to enjoy, so enjoy I did. I’ll have you know that the hype/ the tales/ the chatter about “the burger” are all real and completely justified. I’ll also have you know that the fries that come with, are some of the best I’ve ever head – they taste like triple fried heaven.

Besides the burger though the new menu has certainly stuck to it’s true “California farm-to-table” cuisine and other major highlights included the pork belly, the octopus salad, and the panna cotta dessert. Everything tasted fresh, perfectly seasoned, and well thought out. It’s always so nice to be able to taste a chefs excitement and pride in their creation, and it was evident in every dish ordered. Major kudos are in order to the staff for maintaining what made The Larchmont “The Larchmont” to begin with and for putting in the time to make the space, the experience, and the meal the best it could possibly be. Which was pretty on point all around if you ask me.




Favorite Cocktail: French Revolution (vodka, lemon, orgeat, blood orange)

Must Order: THE BURGER. (and the Pork Belly)

Perfect Spot For: Date night. Hands down.

Pro Tip: The bartenders are the type of bartenders who can craft anything, if you don’t see anything you fancy on the cocktail menu let them know what you’re looking for and they’ll make something fun and custom.

Fun Fact: There’s a totally creepy yet totally awesome painting in the bathroom of two ladies… that you’ll just have to see for yourself. Prepare to giggle and say “ewww” like you’re 5 again.




The Larchmont | 5750 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038 | (323) 464-4277

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