FREE WORKOUT ALERT: “Hey There Muscles” Lean Fitness By FerrignoFit | Santa Monica Pier | July 12 – August 16

Hey There Muscles on the SM Pier

I can’t decide if I think the Hulk leading group fitness classes on the pier is hilarious, or if the Hulk leading a group fitness class on the pier is just plain awesome… I’m gonna go with both feelings. Hilarious AND awesome. As if having the chance to be trained by Lou Ferrigno and his fit ass family wasn’t already the opportunity of a lifetime… the friggin classes are FREE! And they’re held in front of the most gat damn picturesque backdrop: the gorgeous Santa Monica Pier! Clearly my mind is a little blown, so I’m stoked to actually go check a class out – I mean why wouldn’t I, right? Truth be told 9am on a Saturday seems a little aggressive (I’m pouting just thinking about setting an alarm on my phone), but beating the heat and getting to smell that fresh beach air (uh, and to see Lou Ferrigno in person, hello) is reason enough to get my (AND YOUR) butt outta bed. Get more info and read about the trainers HERE, otherwise see you bright and early Saturday morning my fitness curious friends!

Hey There Muscles Schedule

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