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It’s a weekend ritual of mine to find a restaurant at around 1pm on any given Saturday or Sunday where I may merrily consume a weeks worth of calories on one fantastically epic meal and indulge in as many mimosas as I can handle. There’s nothing quite like day drinking, eating dessert and an unusual amount of carbs (together on the same plate), and sharing your glorious culinary adventure on Instagram for your envious followers to enjoy, and Cliffs Edge is my new favorite place where all of this can happen in the most harmonious, delicious, magical fashion.

Cliffs Edge looks like any old run down, “is the paint chipping on purpose?”, Silver Lake / Sunset Blvd establishment at first glance. It’s a boxy building with no real signage, and strangely enough for a restaurant, appears to be windowless. But as if you’re entering a recreated scene from The Little Princess you push back a velvet curtain to find a stunningly beautiful, light and airy interior that leads to a magical, charming, straight up ‘enchanted jungle tree house’ patio. Your inner Disney Princess starts clapping enthusiastically at the thought of dining in a most charming setting, and you realize Cliffs Edge is truly one of LA’s most gorgeous hidden gems.

The patio at Cliff’s is the most inviting in Los Angeles, anchored by the spreading arms of a huge ancient tree, sheltered from the street by abundant greenery, under which our guests enjoy our exceptional cuisine, and our extensive, accessible wine list.

You’re thinking, well, it doesn’t sound like it gets any better than ‘enchanted jungle tree house’? But oh, does it. Cliffs Edge offers *honest to Morgan Freeman* one of the best brunch menus I’ve ever met. It was one of those menus that had me and my friend going back and forth with excited exclamations like, “the waffle…mm!”… “oh my god, brioche french toast?!”… “oh my god… pork belly hash..?!!!”…”we should get the biscuits, did you see.. the freaking… biscuits.” We were inclined to order one of everything, and I imagine if we’d gotten any more excited there’s a good chance we would have, but thankfully our server came to our caloric rescue and helped us narrow down our choices. It’s always a good idea I find to order something sweet, something savory, and then, what the heck, anything else that catches your eye. I also recommend you have some sort of alcoholic beverage with this meal, especially when you’re dining at Cliffs Edge – you’re on a mystical, romantical getaway so why not!

The meal, the Blood Orange Mimosas, the decor, the space, the everything at Cliffs Edge is pure perfection. Everyone, and I mean everyone, would enjoy the Cliffs Edge experience, it’s a truly fantastic literally hidden gem. I believe Silver Lake would probably like to keep it that way, but I’m afraid it’s a place too good not to share with the rest of LA and beyond. I’m looking forward to returning soon to see the j’adorable string of lights warm up the tree house in the evening and have the chance to check out the dinner menu, but in regards to the most important, most favorite meal of your week, brunch at Cliffs Edge is a must.

Waffle at Cliffs Edge Silver Lake

Pork Belly Hash at Cliffs Edge In Silver Lake


Patio at Cliffs Edge In Silver Lake

Interior at Cliffs Edge In Silver Lake


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