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Dating in LA, dating in general for that matter, ain’t easy and can be down right depressing. “Guys never approach me… I had another bad Ok Cupid date… he doesn’t want to commit… everyone is dating someone but me…” I get it, I’ve been known to say such things, but I’ve always felt slightly more fortunate than others because I have Michelle. I have a dating/flirting/relationship expert in my life, and she’s taught me everything from how to flirt without looking desperate, tricks to properly texting, to how to realize a relationship is over before its already begun. I have never quite mastered the grace and charm this woman has, but still when ever I found myself in a situation without her there to coach me I’d stop and say to myself, “ok… What would Michelle Do?” And I either looked like a total dork because thats just who I am, or the “Michelle words of wisdom” worked out. I mean, I managed to find a boyfriend, in Los Angeles mind you, after 24 years of being single… I gotta give her SOME credit. This girl is my dating and relationship gift from God and I’m here to share her with you. Here’s what she has to say:


Disclaimer: I’m not a match-maker, in fact I hardly believe in love. I can’t find you your “perfect match”, because I don’t believe perfect matches exist…and on the slim chance they do, time slowly but surely chips away at those adorable things that brought you together. On a brighter note, I’m almost certain that I can get you the man or woman of your dreams, or the flavor of the week that you been eyeing for well over a year.

How? Observation and experience. For countless years I have been a key player (5th level wizard if you will) of the dating game. I have figuratively read the manual and the trick cheat books and have perfected the art of “reeling them in”. In addition to years of experience, the other trick up my sleeve is observation. I have no clue how or why (so don’t ask me), but I can oddly pick up a lot about a person by observing them for a short or long period of time. Long story short I have made it a point to learn about every type of man/woman.

I’m not a licensed date doctor, but feel free to take my advice as food for thought, or advice from someone from the outside of your life looking in. You never know an unbiased opinion just might help 😉

Since I’m considering this post our “first date”, for my first topic I’ll touch on how to reply to texts after a first date.


The key is MYSTERY.


This could work for both men and women, so feel free to apply it to yourself regardless of your gender.

After a first date, if communication continues, for your first round of texts don’t give too much away. Being mysterious will create a sense of intrigue. An example would be the best way to map this idea out….


Date: Was great meeting you! Did you have a good time?

Your reply: Pleasure was all mine 🙂

(What you did there was express your interest, gave a big thumbs up but didn’t ramble on your opinion about the date)



Date: Was great meeting you! Did you have a good time?

Your reply: OMG I am so glad we hangout, I was waiting to meet you for so long. Yes, I had a blast, the place was so fun, and I loved the food and the music. Let me know when you are free again maybe we can try another place?

(Whoa chill out novel about your life!)



Date: Was great meeting you! Did you have a good time?

Your reply: (waited two days “because that’s the rule”) then reply with…Yea it was cool, you?

(Come on cool girl/guy who are you trying to play? No one is so busy that they had to let a reply go for two days to only reply later with a short answer)


Use the “DO” example above and keep giving a little more gradually, your communication will evolve…just like your relationship.



If you have any questions and are in need of said “unbiased” opinion/advice, please email and we’ll get to advising. Happy dating!

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