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This week in another installment of ‘What Would Michelle Do’, Michelle writes:


Unfaithful….ugh don’t you hate that word!

I used to have a traditional mentality on this issue, i.e. men are dogs that cheat on their women who are angels…welp, it’s 2013 people and I hate to turn my back on my own kind but now-a-days women are just as bad if not worse than men. Now of course not everyone cheats, there is that 35% out of 100% (in my opinion) that remain faithful to their everlasting love’s (more power to you!). So cheating happens, that’s a given, now let’s concentrate on how to read the signs…

Signs that your significant other is cheating:

• “Secrets don’t make friends”, well ain’t that the truth! If your babe is secretive then chances are they are hiding something. If you ask where they are going and the reply is something along the lines of  “just going out with a couple of buddies (girlfriends), nothing too crazy, I’ll be home early”, well that gives you zero information (red flag/shady business).

• Safe guarding his/her phone. Does your significant other freak out if you are inches away from their mobile phone, if so…sorry about that. (Red flag!)

• If your boo can’t keep their hands off of you in private, is the biggest cuddle bug and kisses your every minute but when you are at a social event or club changes their tune, that is also a red flag. If your significant other wants to appear single in public chances are they prefer to be single.

• Quick draw McGraw…if your love is quick to fire back or get angry at any little thing, you guessed it, red flag! If they are looking for a fight, chances are they are looking for an excuse. You always being an “A@*hole”, is always a good excuse to add to the list of reason why they cheated.

• Has perfect become imperfect? If you were always perfect in everyway but suddenly your significant other is pointing out random imperfections or things you should improve on, this is a sign of puppy love fading and boredom sinking in.

• Money talks – If you and your love share accounts and they decide to open a private account or there are a lot more activity on the account then usual, this may be due to activities that do not include you. If you don’t share an account but notice that your significant other seems to have less than usual but is working the same amount of hours…fishy.

Tips on how to handle a cheating lover:

1. An important thing to remember is that the “other man/woman”, isn’t the problem. There is no need to go after a stranger you do not know. Do not confront them as they are not who your problem is with.

2. If you can’t live with it, leave. If your feelings for your significant other change after the cheat, leave! Do not fight with yourself. If your feelings have died, burry them.

3. Do not blame yourself. If he/she’s stupid enough to cheat on a gem like you, they didn’t deserve you anyway. Fuck em!


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