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I go to Wirtshaus to do two things: drink some beer and eat some spicy sausage with sauerkraut. I’ve frequented this laid back cozy joint for a few years now and for me this is one of those places I go to get the same thing just about every time.  I have to be honest and say I also have to be feeling preeetty damn hungry and skinny that day to want to go and do some damage, but it always seems worth it. Plus the portions are big and easiest to share, therefore, usually making me feel less like a fatass and more like I could have another beer. Somehow that makes complete and total sense when I’m there. But besides what they have to offer you in beverages and food I actually love this place for the space; I love the outdoor “biergarten” patio with the christmas lights and long picnic tables, and how the inside always looks like somewhere you want to be when it snows. Or sprinkles in the case of LA.

My only warning to offer is to think twice about ordering the liter of beer unless everyone else you’re with decides to be equally as ambitious and order one too because turns out, you may or may not look like a complete alcoholic. I made the (happy) mistake of ordering a liter instead of just your standard pint… and despite being the only girl and the only one out of 4 of us to order a liter, I took the challenge of proving myself a German and drank the whole thing. They also have 2 liters or “boots” you can order and I’m still waiting to see someone with one; apparently not all German taverns are like the ones in Beerfest.  None the less, the beer is never disappointing. They have over 35 in variety, most on tap, all german, and all make you wish you really were in Germany at Oktoberfest.

And Speaking of Oktoberfest, they will be celebrating it all week long from September 21st – September 26th, as they do every year. I have had friends go in the past and tell me how fun it is so I’m hoping to make it out there this year to see for myself. Maybe I’ll see a boot or two! And you’re going to be shocked when I tell you what else they do… on Sundays… in LA. Oh my god you guessed it, BRUNCH. 10 – 2, bottomless mimosas, and an authentic German buffet… curious to find out what that means, but I’m sure its delicious.

Wirtshaus has yet to do any wrong, and is always working hard to make a fun German/Los Angeles dining experience. They explain it as:

“Wirtshaus is a place you can bring your kid, your date, your dog… even your grandmother. All are welcome, and all are encouraged to stay a while”

I couldn’t have said it any better.

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