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JUST THREE MORE SLEEPS ‘TILL CHRISTMAS!!! Yay! And just TWO sleeps until I’m 29. Ugh. Kidding, kind of. I absolutely love the holidays. My house looks like a Christmas explosion (in a good way), I’m guiltlessly eating cookies, putting fuzzy socks and cozy robes on, and I am incessantly rocking my absolute favorite color – red. Red is hands down my “spirit color”, and if there were ever a time to wear an all red ensemble, it’d definitely be during the holidays. I’ve been wearing this suit for a few months in actuality, but it seems so incredibly fitting for this time of year.



I have always loved monochrome, and I’ve always loved a good matching pantsuit. There’s something so extra chic about a colorful tailored suit, because it’s one of those things that if you can pull it off… it’s incredible. This suit makes me feel like I have magical powers. I love how confident a suit – especially an all red suit – makes me feel, and during the holidays I am feeling like one fun and festive boss b*tch



Whether you need a killer outfit for the holidays, a NYE party, OR you’re just ready to step into 2018 like *pow* I highly recommend a the full confidence booster that is a matching monochrome pantsuit. Whether it’s black, white, red, fuscia, pink, whatever – trust me, prepare to turn heads. I’ve been buying a lot of my pantsuits at Zara; they’ve got a lot of great options right now, but don’t forget to take a look at Topshop too! I’ve seen a couple of awesome pieces there too.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, eat lots of cookies, drink good drank, watch movies, wear cute stuff, and enjoy yourselves!!!




Elaine Torres Photograpy



BLAZER: Zara – Flowy Double Breasted Jacket – $119

TROUSERS: Zara – Flowing Trousers – $49.90

SHIRT: Topshop (can’t find it online, got it in store)

SHOES: Nike – Cortez

SUNNIES: RayBan – Blaze 58mm Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses (black) – $173

BAG: Chanel – Boy Bag

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