Got an Angeleno in your life in need of a present? Still working on getting your holiday shopping done? GREAT. ME TOO. I have done some serious digging and have come up with a complete guide to shopping for the LA guy or girl in your life. It took some careful crafting, and I have to say – I am really quite proud of this list?! In more ways than one! Everything on this list is either based around LA, made in LA, or crafted by a local creator. Why not give the gift of Los Angeles this year and support our local community while we’re at it. HERE HERE!

Now, let’s get to shopping:





1. HELEN’S WINES GIFT BOX: Arguably THE best gift boxes – that just happen to involve the best wines – come from Helen’s Wines. They have several options to choose from with a variety of price points: everything from a pancake party box, to a Fusili Palace box with Jon & Vinnys, to the one featured about which is a box inspired by “LA” that comes with a bottle of California red wine, Gjusta rosemary marcona almonds, and a copy of the Taschen New York Times 36 Hours in the West and costs $55. This is seriously my favorite item on the list, these boxes could not be any cuter or more thoughtful! And Helen’s RULES.


2. MISA JEWELRY: When my mom asked me what I wanted for my 30th birthday this year (Christmas Eve), I told her I wanted a piece from my favorite local jewelry designer, Misa. Everything is custom made, you can choose your metal (I always go with the rose gold), and her designs are absolutely stunning. She uses high quality stones and metals, and I love that the collection is all handmade right here in LA. Any chance I get to invest in one of their pieces, I do it. I only wear my Misa jewelry and I love that I’ll have it for forever. SO. If you’re looking to do an investment gift, this would be my pick. (Featured necklace – $800)


3. CLEAN & DIRTY DRINKING: This is a book written by local and beloved LA bartender Gabrielle Mlynarczyk that offers cocktail recipes she has developed that both boozy and not boozy – hence the “clean + dirty”. If you’re looking to up your loved ones cocktail creation game, this is going to be their new inspiration. ($14)


4. OUR/LOS ANGELES VODKA: Did you know LA has our very own vodka distillery? That you can actually even visit and taste at? OUR/LOS ANGELES is located in the Arts District and produces vodka that is partly-distilled, blended and hand-bottled in the micro-distillery. It’s a perfect gift to bring to your next party or offer as a hostess gift. Any imbiber would be proud to have it on their bar cart! ($20)


5. BESTIA COOKBOOK: And just like that, you can make some of your favorites from Bestia in the comforts of your own home! The Bestia cookbook by owner and chef Ori Menashe offers a number of Italian recipes created here in the heart of LA and features favorites such as house-made charcuterie, fresh pizza and pasta, and of course a few of their beloved desserts. Who doesn’t love Bestia? ($20 Hardcover)


6. CLARE V. PHONE CASE: Clare V. has been and will always be one of my favorite local creators. Her handbags, clothes, and accessories are always so beautifully crafted and iconic. She has a few LA shops you can stop in to find your girl – or guy! – the perfect present, but for something fun and easy – why not her classic “OUI” logo on a phone case! ($65) shop more from their holiday gift guide HERE!


7. ROKAH COFFEE CLUB: One of my best friends swears by Rokah coffee club and has discovered so many great cafes/roasters who roast right here in Los Angeles. You can treat your loved one the gift of coffee with a 3 month subscription for just $60 and each month they will get a different 12 oz bag of local beans to do as they please! All Angelenos love coffee. This one is kind of a no-brainer. ($60)


8. CHIC & TONIC BAR ACCOUTREMENTS: I just recently discovered Chic & Tonic and I feel like it’s just one of those brands I’d been looking for all of my life. Chic & Tonic is a brand founded in LA, they make chic bar accoutrements *that look vintage*, and their entire collection is incredibly fairly priced. They’ve got copper shakers, cute cocktail glasses, whiskey stones, and even bangle flasks and drink tic-tac-toe as seen above! I never thought to have a drink version of tic-tac-toe, and this might possibly be the cutest gift idea ever created – plus it’ll only cost ya $28. Let’s be real though – any piece would make for an excellent gift.


9. MAISON MARGIELA FRAGRANCES: So, these might not exactly be produced IN Los Angeles but right now through January Maison Margiela has a pop-up shop at the Westfield Century City mall that you can visit and experience all of their delicious fragrances – and do some gift purchasing. The pop-up is especially fun because you can personalize the labels and the bags for the lucky gift recipient. These are hands down my favorite scents for both men and women, and would make for such a sweet and personal gift. ($126)


10. CRAP EYEWEAR: Looking for something super fun, super easy, and super “LA” for your guy or gal? Give them a pair of CRAP sunglasses. This brand has been an absolute favorite of mine for 5+ years; I have tons of frames, they’re always reasonable, and they’ve got great options for both men and women. This particular pair ($89)  is a play on classic Ray Bans, but they’re about 1/2 the price and made right here in LA.


11. MISA JEWELRY: a gift so nice I had to list it twice. Really though, I wasn’t kidding about this being my favorite jewelry line! Her rings are my absolute favorite and so worth the investment! (Featured ring: $525)


12. APOLIS MARKET BAG: does this bag ever get old? NOPE. I still use mine for EVERYTHING, and I love how it has held up over the years. This thing is heavy duty, it’s chic, and it is incredibly functional. I mean, do you even live in LA if you dont have an Apolis bag? ($68)


13. LOS ANGELES CULT RECIPES BOOK: for a recipe guide to the 100 best LA eats, look no further than Victor Garnier Astorino’s LA Cult Recipes cookbook. He breaks down everything from chili dogs to fried chicken sandwiches and everything we love about this city in-between. It’s a whole lot of fun and would be a true gem for any LA foodie. ($20)


14. SWEET LAUREL BAKERY CAKE KIT: Sweet Laurel is a whole foods baking company which simply means they use the best organic, whole ingredients going into delicious grain-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free baked goods. Despite that sounding “healthy” for baked goods I SWEAR by their treats – they’re absolutely to die for and are loved by everyone. (Honestly if you didn’t know they were non traditional type treats, you’d never know.) Sweet Laurel has a seriously adorable and fun cake kit for purchase – which you can buy online or in store at their shop – and would make for a great gift and a great experience. Cake is a guaranteed smile. ($55)



What LA made gifts do you have your eye on, or what are your favorite LA made brands to shop? Please share in the comments so we can continue to spread the local love! 

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