The best part about having a fur baby/dog friend is having someone that you can force to hang out with you at all times. The even better part is that more often than not they actually want to hang out with you at all times. And fortunately, Emotional Support Buddy or not, Los Angeles is pretty dang dog friendly – even if there’s food around.

So for those of us attached to said dog friends – so most of the LA population – and who just wish to be welcomed to dine with them on a nice patio in peace, here are 5 of my favorite dog-friendly (we’re talking very dog friendly) restaurants around LA. If there are any YOU love be sure to share in the comments!!!


If you’re going to be on the West Side, you and your pup should pay a visit to Ashland Hill. Their comfy patio is a dog-friendly zone and they even host cute events specifically for your dogs. They call it Yappy Hour and offer a special dog menu, which includes pup friendly ice cream so you and your dog can enjoy a sweet treat on a hot day.

Fairfax or North Hollywood folks, head to The Fat DogWith 2 locations in LA, this dog-themed gastropub is oddly enough very canine friendly. They’re even partial to giving treats to the well-behaved pups and owners.

As we make our way further into the city, The Sycamore Kitchen off La Brea might just be one of the more delicious dog-friendly places. Again, the expansive patio makes this a great breakfast or lunch spot for you and your furry friend. You’ll be in likeminded company without a doubt.

I couldn’t forget Alcove Bakery and Cafe in Los Feliz. Believe me when I say, this patio will immediately make you happy. The bright orange tables and multi-colored chairs don’t allow any other feeling. And of course, the multitude of doggos just waiting to be loved (or to pick up whatever you’re putting down) helps as well.

Last but not least – The Morrison. Located in Atwater Village, this place not only offers a spacious patio – but a whole menu just for dogs. Your pup can feast on chicken and rice, chopped hamburger with rice, and chopped hot dogs with rice, for the small price of $6.



Ray’s & Stark Bar offers a “Barky Brunch” each Saturday and Sunday on the patio, and offers a very special menu just for pups. The Barky Brunch is inspired by Chef Fernando Darin’s own two dogs and includes healthy menu of homemade dishes, which includes a rotating selection of items, including Peanut Butter Cupcakes, Watermelon Sorbet, Steamed Chicken & Broccoli Bowl, and Chicken Liver & Brown Rice Cookies.


We all know the way to the heart is through the stomach, so why not treat yo’ self and your dog everyone once in a while?



I know you’re wondering, “oh my gosh, who is that absolutely stunning and exotic little lady in your photo?” If you havent seen her appearances on Instagram, please allow me to properly introduce you to my BFF Charlie. Charlie is a girl, definitely not a boy, she is beautiful inside and out and just wants you to know she loves you and misses you even though she potentially has never met you. She is an absoute doll and the absolute light of my life. If you’re curious what she is, I have no f*!%ing clue. Part Boston Terrier part God knows what. I call her: LA Mutt.

Charlie hates to go out to eat, but if you asked her where she hated dining the least she would tell you Hayden in Culver City. We had a great girls date there a few weeks ago; I had wine, she had water, and it was so heartwarming how the whole staff was just so sweet with her. Platform is a great place for pups in general, if you have a reason to go over there definitely dont forget to bring your four legged friend – Platform loves them!


*LA is a great city to own a dog; it really is a city full of dog lovers like myself. If you are looking to adopt or even re-home a pup, a great place to start is with a site called Get Your Pet. They connect people in both scenarios with one another to find the right homes for adoptable dogs; they will even help you find/re-home specific breeds.

LA is home to a ton of Chihuahua’s for example, so if you’re searching for a specific breed, Get Your Pet is a great resource. Adopting dogs is the LA way, and if you’re looking I hope you find your perfect buddy. 

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