If there is one place in Palm Springs that perfectly encapsulates and embodies “Palm Springs”, it’s the Parker. Amiright? Before my recent trip, I hadn’t even BEEN to the Parker and it was still the first place I thought of when I thought of Palm Springs. It’s quintessential, it’s classy, and ask any Angeleno – it’s most peoples favorite property in the area.



I personally never thought I could even afford the Parker, but during the summertime – which is actually off season – it turns out you can swing some relatively fair deals on rooms! So last week that is exactly what me and my girlfriend Mary did. Mary and I have been friends since we were 12 years old, and though we live in opposite ends of the state we make it a point to plan fun girls trips. Since she’d never been to Palm Springs before, and I’d never stayed at the Parker, it seemed only fitting to do this right if we were going to do it at all.



The Parker ended up being everything we hoped it would be, and then some. Our room with two double beds was absolutely gorgeous, the overall decor was so perfectly Palm Springs it truly made for the ideal setting, the pool situation was great, the dining options absolutely to die for, and our two days there could not have been better. If you make your way over to the Parker soon, here were a few of my highlights that you should not miss out on!

  • If you have lunch at Norma’s, order one of their salads to share – they are ginormous and beautiful things. I especially loved Charlie’s Chopped Cob Salad. Note: it may be a $27 salad, but I repeat it is large and in charge and best to share.
  • If you’re having cocktails by the pool, which, you should, order the Chucky. It’s a frozen drink with vodka, mint, lemon, and cucumber and it’s quite possibly the most perfect poolside cocktail ever created.
  • If you overheat – which totally happens, especially in the summer – cool off in the indoor pool located inside the hotel’s spa: the Yacht Club. Plus it’s just so cute in there it’ll hurt your feelings.
  • Have dinner at Mister Parker. It was easily the best part of our whole stay.
  • After dinner be sure to order yourself a s’mores kit to roast by the fire pit – C’mon. Who doesn’t love s’mores.
  • If you book a stay through Saturday, you can extend your stay though Sunday for just $95 this Summer. Just saying!
  • If you want to venture out for cocktails, head to Bootlegger Tiki – aka: one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved tiki bars out there. And officially my favorite bar in Palm Springs. The space is cozy, the staff have all got to be some of the most talented bartenders I’ve ever seen, and the drinks will blow your mind. Don’t miss this one!
  • If you venture out for dinner, head to Workshop. A lot of places in Palm Springs are closed during the Summer, but thankfully one of Palm Springs bests is still open! I personally love sitting at the bar, but no matter where you sit you’re guaranteed to enjoy the stunning ambiance just as much as you’ll enjoy the great food.
  • Other worthwhile spots open during the Summer: Mr Lyons (steakhouse, cocktails), Seymour’s (speakeasy inside Mr Lyon), Copley’s (al fresco dining) , Cheeky’s (breakfast), Johannes (literally my favorite restaurant in Palm Springs. 1 word: schnitzel.), SO.PA (fancy dining at L’Horizon). If YOU’ve got a personal favorite, please share in the comments!!



Now go forth! Get your Palm Springs on! Enjoy! I’ll be there in spirit! Or in IRL let’s be honest, I love Palm Springs in the Summer. 110 degrees ain’t got nothing on me, if there’s a will – and a Parker – there’s a way.

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