Overview | Le Petit Paris had to be one of the most highly anticipated restaurant openings in Downtown Los Angeles in a while. Chatter of the restaurant’s size, the grandeur, the decor, the food, the fame of its sister in France, the staircase, the this, the that had even me going crazy about what would it all finally be like. As far as I’m concerned you can never have enough French Brasseries in one town, but one at the level Le Petit Paris, there can really only be one and fortunately we can all finally get in on the action.

You can tell there has been a lot of love, time, effort, and let’s not forget $$$$$$$ put in to perfecting Le Petit Paris, and it is truthfully up there with LA’s most vogue and visually stunning restaurant spaces. I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor the minute I’d walked in, I knew there was space Downtown but nothing quite like this.

Le Petit Paris is open daily from 10 am (9 am on weekends) to 1 am and offers two levels of dining, two bars, a patio, and enough seating for 300 people. You can come in and enjoy everything from breakfast, brunch, lunch, cocktails, dinner, or even just dessert – they’ve got it all surrounded. The LPP decor is sleek, velvety, gaudy (in a good way), rich with jewel tones, and adorned with classic European/French neuvo accents. It’s stylish but leans more towards the casual side – the space is no where near being stuffy or silly. The menu is inspired by French Brasserie cuisine so you’ll find typical classics such as escargot, cheese and charcuterie, croque madames, and so forth but everything is recognizable and approachable – and not to mention fairly priced.

There was some hub-bub over whether or not the food was quite up to par when it first opened but I’m here to squash hesitations and let you know the meal was actually incredible. Not necessarily mind blowing, but honestly very very good. I think this whole Paris meets LA thing is going to work out just fine, for all of us.


Favorite Drink | When in Paris… well, at least when I’m in Paris I drink wine, so a glass of the French Rosé was pure perfection.

Must Order | My favorite dish, hands down, was the Filet Mignon that comes with candied shallots, housemade mashed potatoes, and jus corsé. It was the perfect portion, easy to split, simple and yet incredibly tasty! Besides that though the scallop risotto and the beet carpaccio were wonderful dishes as well.

Perfect Spot For | a very grand breakfast/lunch/happy hour/dinner // a cocktail at the bar // a party // date night // large parties // when you’re missing Paris // a gorgeous setting

Pro Tip | Don’t forget to check out their adorable little retail store, La Boutique, to stock up on Parisian products!

Fun Fact | Le Petit Paris is a famed and beloved restaruant in the heart of Cannes that has been in business for 15 years now. Los Angeles is the restaurants latest city to share their French Brasserie-style fare with.

Bonus Fact | The building in which Le Petit Paris sits was once the El Dorado Hotel that was built in 1913. The building is not only one of Charlie Chaplain’s former homes, it’s also on the National Register for Historic Places. Boom.

Le Petit Paris | 418 S Spring Street Los Angeles CA 90013 | 213 217 4445 | Open 10am to 1am Mon-Sun // 9am to 1am Sat-Sun

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