If I told you LA was home to a futuristic theme park would you believe me? Probably yes. And good on you because it’s true, and last night I got to experience just what that future looks like.

All I knew going in to check out this “tiny amusement park”, and “one-of-a-kind experience” was that it had a lot going on, it was heavily focused on interactive games, and that it was inside a 50,000 sq ft warehouse in the Downtown LA Arts District. It kinda sounded to me like a Dave & Busters, but the cooler, more fun, more “LA” version. I was almost spot on with that, but I had no idea just how cool this place actually was until I stepped inside.


“STEP RIGHT UP!” is the first thing you’ll be greeted with entering Two Bit Circus, a place that can be summed up as the future of theme parks, a modern day arcade, and yes – I suppose a smidge of a circus.

Two Bit Circus offers your typical arcade style games like Pacman and Streetfighter, but what I absolutely loved is that they kept those classics to a minimum and really outdid themselves creating one-of-a-kind arcade style games. Outside of the traditional type games though they also offer some pretty incredible VR and live action video games. There’s a whole huge section of “the park” dedicated to VR, and a whole other dedicated to what they call “Story Rooms” (which are live action video games similar to escape rooms, you’re just not trying to escape, nor do you really want to).

I didn’t get the chance to partake in a VR experience, but I decided I wanted to leave a couple of things to come back for – and the VR experience is just an absolute must at Two Bit Circus. I did however join in on a story board called “Space Squad in Space” (think Star Trek) – which, for a girl who is just flat out terrible at games and who’s brain just does not function like a gamer’s… it was a total blast. So interactive, so well done, and genuinely so much fun!

The same sentiment could be said about Two Bit Circus in general. Between the games, the impeccable full bar (robot bartenders soon to come), to the food, it really is the full experience, and something so many people can appreciate. They really surprised me with how much fun there actually was to be had, and just how well done the vision seems to have been executed. You can tell a lot of time, love, and money went into its creation.

Next time you’ve got a night with nothing to do *or* you need to plan something fun to do, go check out the circus. An adventure awaits.


For more information about Two Bit Circus and for tickets, head HERE.

I also did an Instagram Live yesterday plus a bunch of stories from inside, if you want a sneak peek make sure you go check that out on my page!

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