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“Best ___ of 2013”, and, “Top ___ of the year!” lists are out everywhere this time of year. We’re getting down to the last days of 2013, therefore what better time than now to look back and recall all the great restaurants and bars, new and old, Los Angeles has entertained our taste buds with over the past year… right? Well.

Love and Loathing LA wont be rounding up the typical “Best Of’s” lists… no , no “Best New Bars” or “Best Mexican Restaurants of 2013” here!  You know where to find those lists, and hey they’re worth reading! But here we’ll be staying true to our promise; we will introduce you to all the weird yet charming qualities, people, and places this sprawling city has to offer, in this case, one “Top 5 [insert random topic here]” post at a time. Lets get started with the first of many “Top 5’s” that will be posted throughout the month, and because you can totally use this starting tomorrow, we begin with Los Angeles’s Top 5 Places to Go On A Monday.


My best friend’s only day off seems to always be a Monday, not cool, so we’ve regularly run into the issue of what should we do that’s cool/fun on a Monday? Usually it involves relaxed girl time complete with adult beverages and food but we’ve always been open to whatever. So through all our trial and tribulations I’ve become pretty good at goin’ out and making the best of the worst day of the week. Luckily, living in LA, finding something to do isn’t necessarily hard to come by, so these are the best things to do in LA for those of us who can muster up the energy on a Monday to put away the comfy clothes for a few more hours in exchange for a pair of party pants.

1. Steel Panther – House Of Blues Sunset

I worked for House of Blues for 5 years, so you’d think Steel Panther and people singing loudly along to 80’s jams would have gotten old… well it didn’t. Steel Panther is part stand-up comedy (with just a slight asshole undertone) part insanely entertaining 80’s cover band (long wigs tight pants and all). You can only imagine how good the people watching is, I hardly have to paint you a picture besides lots of singing, lots of alcohol, an occassional boob (ew!), but of course lots of fun.

2. “New Order Monday” – Beer Belly

As previously mentioned here, Beer Belly’s amazing chef Wes Leiberher creates new, completely drool worthy dishes every Monday… Dishes where all of your childhood and inner fat kid dreams come true. It’s busy yet relaxed and consistently filled with local craft beers, delicious food, and a great mixed crowed: perfect place for a unique/relaxed Monday outing for the LA foodie.

3. School Night! – Bardot (Avalon)

This has always been such a blast, and such a cool/hip event to check out. School Night! is where several up-and-comings play their music to very intimate crowds at the very chic Bardot in Hollywood. This was where I saw the band HAIM for example; awesome place for live music on a Monday, every Monday.

4. Mustache Mondays (gay night) – La Cita

Gay Night. Dance dance dance. Need I say more.

5. Motown Mondays –  Short Stop

This is probably my favorite on the list, if you’ve ever been to Short Stop for Soul Night on Sundays or Motown Night on Mondays then you already know how amazing this is. No matter how tired or overworked you may feel, Motown Monday will certainly get your ass out of the house, on to the dance floor, and into another time. You will jive, you will giggle, and you will have a great time.


Other Honorable Mentions: Thirsty Crow, Bar Stella, Big Bar, Alibi Room, Lock & Key, The Bungalow, 7 Grand

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