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About a year ago, I was spending time at a friend’s house in Oakland when she was delivered a CSA box of local farm fresh produce. I had never even heard of such a thing, a delivery of seasonal fruits and vegetables? In a box? Why hadn’t I thought of that? So, when I got back home to LA I started doing my research to find out if we had something similar, I knew we would, and that’s when I discovered Farm Box LA. I was able to choose how much I wanted to be delivered (The Complete Farmbox, The Custom Farmbox, or The Fruits & Veggies Farmbox), then I got to choose how often I wanted a delivery (you can have one every week if you choose, I get one every month) and ta-da, it was as simple as that. The very next week I got my first Fruits and Veggies Farmbox delivered straight to my door.

I can’t even tell you how exiting it is to get my Farm Box delivery, it’s like Christmas once a month. I love getting items that I would and wouldn’t normally buy and I love being forced to cook and experiment with my goodies. The quality of the fruits and veggies is unlike anything you’ll ever see or buy at a grocery store, some of these items are amazing, like “holy crap?! That’s a shallot?! It’s a shallot on steroids!” This is what happens when you get real, farm fresh local produce…  it will surprise and amaze you. For $50, flat, everything I get in that Box is worth every penny. I’m afraid if I were left to my devices and confusion at the Farmers Market, I’d probably spend quite a bit more. And if I were left to my devices in the grocery store, I’m afraid the only fruit I’d be walking out with would be wine. You just can’t beat having “healthy” delivered to right to your door. You just can’t?

One of my favorite things about Farm Box LA is that they realize that you might not want everything that will be coming in your Box that week (you can check what you’re getting that week, if you have a delivery, on their website when you log in) so you can trade items out for more of one thing, or trade it out for something else they have to offer completely. I love this. As much as I love most produce, there are just some I wont ever see eye to eye with, like fennel… or radishes… and thankfully Farm Box totally gets that. Another awesome thing Farm Box does; they send out a weekly “newsletter” with recipes for all the stuff you got in your Box that week! They enlist the help of local chefs and honestly every one I’ve tried thus far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed cooking and eating.

These days Farm Box LA offers even more than just regular Fruit and Veggies boxes; you can get a Paleo Diet Box, a Juicing Box, a Grilling Box, a “No-Cooking” Box, and they also offer tons of “add-ons” from local vendors like local bread, eggs, jams, and my personal favorite Rising Hearts (a local Culver City bakery) Gluten-Free brownies. (Ohmygod they’re so good.) Farm Box LA certainly makes it a point to offer something for everyone, on any kind of budget.

Farm Box LA is particularly a great company in Los Angeles for produce delivery. There are quite a few produce delivery businesses out there, but I’ve chosen to stick with Farm Box LA for over a year now and will continue to be a very loyal customer. The team is always incredibly friendly, even with my obnoxious “uh oh, I wont be in town Sunday to get my Farm Box, can I change it to next week??” emails; they are always prompt, incredibly understanding and courteous. If you’re in need of a little more fruits and veggies in your life without the hassle of going to the Farmers Market or wondering what exactly it is you’re getting at the grocery store, sign up for farm-to-table deliveries from Farm Box LA. I’m a huge fan of this company, they are making huge efforts to support local vendors and business and bring the people of Los Angeles quality produce right to our doorsteps. Healthy can be tough, but healthy is now fun and freakin’ awesome thanks to businesses like Farm Box LA making it almost too easy for us Angelenos to enjoy.

Visit for more information or to sign up! Do it!

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