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Have you ever wanted to make your own clothes… kind of… but not really? Like, you love the idea of customizing your clothes but you’re sure as shit not about to actually make any yourself – OR pay the premium to have it made for you. Those of us who are fashion obsessed enough have definitely had dreams of tweaking things here and there to satisfy our particular and personal fashion standards. I’ve definitely had moments where I’ve thought, “god, this would be so much cuter if it had different sleeves”, or “why are the pockets here instead of there”. Or even worse, “why are there no pockets?” Well fortunately friends, its 2018 and we have Frilly.



Frilly is a brand I discovered through likeminded fashion loving LA girls via, you guessed it, Instagram. What I was immediately drawn to was how every piece I’d seen was incredibly well designed and beautifully tailored. Thus, I figured my knack for falling in love with the most expensive anything lead me straight to discovering another new brand that was a touch outside my tax bracket. Well, come to find, Frilly isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s not unfairly priced either. In the Frilly scheme of things you are given the rare opportunity to completely customize silhouettes, down to the fabric/shape/color/hem/accents, and with that comes a certain level of quality. The quality is clearly a given when we’re talking about customizable creations, but at the same time Frilly has really cornerstoned making the process approachable, easy, fun, and accessible for all.



Even if you think you might not be particularly interested in creating custom clothes… I dare you to go on their website and just attempt making some creations. I, no joke, spent a solid hour – a few times – just messing around making all kinds of designs. I finally landed on making this fabulous matching silk suit, but giiirrrrllll you know I have 1239520200 more designs still to go. Just go play around! And the best part is, you play, you shop, they send, and you don’t pay a dime until you decide to keep it. So you can play and play and PLAY – and then just keep what you like. Fashion is not a one-size-fits-all formula, and customizing really has never been so easy and such a freakin blasty blast. *posts blog post, orders new custom jacket* – it’s also addicting.




Elaine Torres Photography



BLAZER: Frilly – Uma Blazer II (Sandwash Satin, Salem Burgundy) – $345

PANTS: Frilly – Kane Wide Leg Trouser (Sandwash Satin, Salem Burgundy) – $211

TOP: Farfetch (old)


BAG: Chanel



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