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There’s been a lot on our minds lately, hasn’t there. Last week was an incredibly emotional week for America. In my 27 years here on this earth this impending sense of “change” has never felt more palpable. After sensing so much sadness, anger, and uneasiness around me I needed some time to process and decide how I wanted to react. I’m sure a lot of you have felt, regardless of who you voted for. Uncertainties in life are inevitable. However, how we choose to proceed and navigate through difficult times is how we teach others to follow in suit.

I have always thought of myself as someone who is not afraid to “put it all out there”; not only will I verbally overshare everything about myself to the point of exhaustion, I guarantee you can read almost any emotion I’m feeling on my face to boot. I have always been so grateful to have Love & Loathing Los Angeles as such an incredible platform in which to share all of my ideas and opinions in hopes of creating a greater sense of inclusion and community. That being said, if you don’t know me personally it can be easy to lose sight of the blog’s element of “humanness”. I worry that a lot of us, especially during times of unrest, forget exactly what it means to be human.


To be human is to be kind, compassionate, communicative. Also, at the very least to be human is to be different. We need to celebrate all of those wonderful unique qualities we all possess. So, we have a lot of things to hide behind these days like TV’s, phones, computers, cars, etc., but the SCIENTIFIC fact of the matter is that we’re all cut from the same cloth. We have far more similarities than differences.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having opinions and voicing them, but it’s voicing and expressing them in a constructive manner that truly gets the point across anymore. We’re losing the art of friendly debate, and “agreeing to disagree” is turning more and more into “right and wrong”, or “my team vs your team”. It’s times like these that we cannot allow negativity to get the best of us; instead we need choose to be constructive, have some humility, choose to react peacefully, and choose to find a way to make a positive impact in your community.

Last week I chose to not post to my blog. Because anything I had to say felt like I would be skirting around our country’s issues or just being flat out insensitive. And trust me, I don’t think so highly of myself. I’m not here to say “listen to me because I have a blog”. Frankly, this is just as cathartic to me as I hope it is to you, whoever you might be. I wanted this to be your/our friendly reminder to think about what it means to be human. It’s a friendly reminder to take care of yourself. It’s a friendly reminder to exercise your right to educate yourself and stand up for one another. Take the constructive actions necessary to make a positive impact in this world for you and the greater whole.

Sending each and every one of you humans love today. Now please enjoy this photo of Waffle the donkey stealing pita chips from a party I was at.


a donkey



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