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My favorite thing about articles like “how to wear ___” is that the answer seems like such a no brainer – just wear it? For example the easy answer to “how to pull off a cape blazer” is just put it on, wear it, and feel like a badass, right? But the fact of the matter is that, for most of us, rocking a bold statement can seem easier said than done. Self consciousness surrounding how we wear what we wear can get in the way of throwing something on that we love. So, let us discuss.

We all have those little things in life that help boost our confidence; perhaps it’s an article of clothing, maybe it’s something(s) in your makeup bag, but regardless of what it is when we’re feeling self conscious, we put it on, and our mood shifts. For me red lipstick is my go-to confidence booster, but most recently I’ve found a bit of self-confidence when I throw on this incredible piece of magical clothing, featured above, we call a cape blazer. The brand behind this accessible and chic coat is in the business of empowering women and building self confidence, thus, allow me to introduce you to Project Gravitas. Project Gravitas is an LA/NYC based clothing brand creating clothes that are made in the U.S. and “are as chic as luxury-label pieces, and as slimming and confidence-boosting as my favorite yoga pants”. Cape blazers in particular have been all over runways since last year and since falling in love with a few made by Tadashi Shoji, I have wanted a cape/blazer cape to rock like the urban regal queen I am. Project Gravitas makes this cape blazer in black, white, and blue and it’s finally at a much more affordable price than the pieces off the runway.

I had the pleasure of hosting a mixer with this wonderful brand a few weeks ago and I was able to check out their fabulous recent collection in person. Besides cape blazers Project Gravitas makes the most incredible LBD’s (little black dresses), dresses of color, and pencil skirts – all with built in *comfortable* shape wear! They also have vegan leather jackets and the most incredible long vest blazer that is such a hot trend right now!

This post was mean’t to be part informative part PSA because that is how certain brands affect me. Every now and then you come across a company that inspires you and just makes you feel good. Project Gravitas is all about channeling confidence and helping ladies finding things in their life that can help project it. Whether it’s your mascara, a pair of heels, lipstick, or a cape blazer, channel your inner Beyoncé, wear what makes you feel good and don’t be afraid to take a risk!


Photos | Tommy Garcia

Details | Cape-Blazer: Project Gravitas “Josephine” (don’t worry it will be back in stock very soon!!!) | Shirt: All Saints (old) | Skirt: Zara “Crossover Skirt” | Boots: Sam Edelman (old) similar pair here | Sunglasses: Le Specs (similar)



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