Saunas. So hot right now. (wink wink.) But really – infrared sauna studios are a thing! And HotBox Sauna Studio Downtown has successfully turned me into a major fan. HotBox might not be the first infrared sauna studio, but they are the absolute best when it comes to creating the most appealing and enjoyable sauna experience. The studio opened in Downtown LA just a few short months ago, and already they’ve garnered quite the number of returning sauna goers. With their absolutely stunning branding, their highest of quality saunas, pricing, and overall experience, it really is no wonder.



I had my first infrared sauna experience at HotBox about two weeks ago while I was actually quite sick. I’d almost cancelled my sauna until I spoke with owner Jessica and she encouraged me to still come in because she believed it actually might help. So, with a borderline fever, a chest cold and an aching headache I said to myself, “oh what the hell.” and decided to give it a shot. I couldn’t believe that after 40 minutes in that sauna, I actually did feel better. I stopped coughing, I sweat like crazy, and I left feeling like I finally had a bit of energy. Plus – the whole experience was just so damn pleasant and relaxing.



The list of infrared sauna benefits is about as long as a 500 page novel, I swear. It’s literally good for everything! Some of my favorite benefits are that it completely relaxes you, it lowers blood pressure and increases circulation, it helps speed up injury recovery, it enhances your beauty and helps you glow from the inside out, it’s detoxifying, AND it burns calories. You can seriously sit on your ass for 40 minutes and burn up to 600 calories. (What in the actual f*ck right?) There’s hardly any reasons NOT to do it. What’s particularly special about infrared saunas is that unlike traditional saunas, the air quality is much cleaner and more comfortable, infrared heat kills 99% of bacteria so you’re getting a clean sweat, and infrared technology allows for the highest quality of total body wellness.



HotBox is really a special place in particular though. They really go above and beyond to make the sauna studio like a spa type experience. Each sauna is in a private room, you can choose a lighting color mood to stimulate senses and positive emotions, you listen to music or watch Netflix in the sauna while you sweat (*you can even bring your phone in, it won’t overheat*), and you have a private shower with organic products to use at your leisure. I am absolutely obsessed with this place, and seriously want to find a way to go often – even just once a month! Ideally I’d be there 1-2x per week but, I’m going to need to make more money first. Story of my life. If you haven’t experienced all of the amazingness that is the infrared sauna, now is the time, and Hotbox is your destination.



Get the full rundown on all the benefits, a list of color moods, and more info on their pricing and membership options on the Hotbox website –! And be sure to follow them on Instagram as well – 

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