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So I’m a twenty something California girl trying to make her way in this big scary world living in the city of Angels… Heard this one before? I know, I have too. Ugh, I’ve seen this movie, read this story, even watching this show on Bravo. Well if you must know I’m a recently liberated ex member of  “the music industry” tying to figure out what the hell to do with my life at the tender age of 24. I scored an amazing corporate opportunity with a music industry powerhouse but realized early on, even in my two year stint, I wasn’t exactly cut out for all that. So in a moment of “oh my god what am I doing, I should do art or something” I left.  Since then I’ve been going to bed every night hoping some morning (now-ish would be ideal) with any luck I’ll wake up with an “ah-ha! That’s it, that’s what I’ll do!” or “ Righto that’s what I’m good at!”… can’t you just see me now. Sadly this is kind of no new news, I think I’ve been stressing myself out with this same scenario since middle school.

As you may imagine being unemployed, I’ve had a few moments to sit and think. So between commercial breaks of “Say Yes to the Dress!” and “What Not to Wear” (and applying for jobs of course) I got to contemplating things I think I’m good at. And besides being pretty good at sleeping, taking care of a dog, drinking wine, and quoting terrible movies I decided… I’m actually pretty good at LA?

So what sets THIS “story” and “guide” of sorts apart from the masses you say? …well, it’s mine god dammit. This here is my ode to the city I call home. This is where I share some inside jokes with my fellow Los Angeleans. This is my welcome, inside look, and real world guide to LA’s visitors (and hesitaters!). Sit back. Relax. And drink your wine. I’ve got plenty of typical “Los Angeles Stories” to enlighten you with. (We all have one… Or several.) I know a thing or two about places to go in any neighborhood on any kind of budget, and I’m lucky enough to have a few friends/acquaintances all over this town willing to share their stories, tips, and recommendations too. There will be fun, there will be visually enticing imagery, there will be insight, and there will not be blood. God I hope you got that reference.

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