If you’re local to LA then you know that there are more than a fair amount of farmer’s markets here in the city. At this point, it’s safe to say there’s pretty much one in every neighborhood. Or at least one within 2 miles of every neighborhood. Which, still – a lot. 


Sure you can find a market in LA on any given day, but that one magical market where you can stroll amongst never ending rows of colorful produce, take in the smell of those tacos cooking or that popcorn popping, and of course maybe even run into a celebrity while you’re at it, is the one you want to be at. You know you’re in the right place if you see chefs and celebs. And though there might be some debate over this, I would argue that the Hollywood Farmer’s Market is the best. You can find it on the cross street of Ivar and Selma Ave, every Sunday from 8am – 1pm. To fully master the market, consider the following:



1. First things first, Uber there. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of parking and or traffic and or paying attention to the road.


2. Get there right at 8am. You’ll miss the swarms of people (trust me, when I saw swarms I mean swarms) and again, you’ll experience no traffic – the people and the car kind. Win, win!


3. Go straight for the Bub & Grandma’s tent and wait in line. There will be a line, but if you get there early you should be fine. It is seriously the best. bread. ever. Worth every penny. Get a loaf. Get four. Thank me later.


4. Now make your way to the Naked Acres Farm tent. They offer mostly heirloom produce and cage-free, fresh eggs. I especially love and adore them because they are a Certified Naturally Grown farmer and Animal Welfare approved. Eat good feel good do good – all the good goods.



5. If you’re like me and happen to seriously enjoy the smell of Lavender, make your way to Dancing Light Ranch’s booth next. They’re a small, family run lavender farm based in Oregon and they can assist you with all of your lavender wants and needs.


6. For all of your more meaty needs (sorry that sounds weird) then make your way to the Deck Family Farm’s booth. All of their meat is sourced from their 320 acre organic (holla) farm based in Oregon.


7. And for your grand finale, and my favorite thing of all… wine. The Laurel Ridge Winery has a curated collection of reds, whites and dessert wines – all sourced and farmed from their incredible 240-acre vineyard in Carlton, Oregon. They produce their wines with minimal influence, in an effort to highlight and enhance the unique qualities of each varietal, clone and vineyard.



There you have it folks! Of course, take your time and explore. Don’t forget to stop and chat – everyone is so friendly and it’s nice to start the morning with delicious food and lovely conversation.


What are your Hollywood Farmers Market “musts”? Share in the comments! 

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