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I’m a recent subscriber to the trouser trend, yes, it took me a few years to catch on but finally I’m embracing these new pants as part of my closet. A few yeas ago I went to Europe for a month with a friend, and I found that one of the biggest culture shocks was how much (more) the girls in Europe cared about their appearance. I got a major wake up call. I looked like crap in my sparkly Toms and goofy print T’s in comparison to the European girls; from Spain to Italy they all, YES ALL, looked effortlessly chic. I wanted to be just like them in their interesting printed gaucho pants and their embellished sandals, so in a panic to fit in a little better we walked through every major/hip European store from Top Shop to Zara in search of the perfect pair of printed pants. To our dismay, every time we stepped out of the dressing room in our trousers our first words to each other were, “those look like pajamas.” And so ended my hunt for the perfect pair of printed pants; sandals and printed dresses would just have to suffice for my new European inspired wardrobe.

This past summer we here in the States kicked the printed trouser trend back up into high gear for comfy yet chic summer looks, and just when I thought my hunt was over I discovered a bit of optimism on the sale racks in Zara. I mean, a whole freakin’ rack of printed trouser pants, for me to over-excitedly rummage through. I figured all the girls in America must have had similar mixed emotions to wearing pajama pants in public so maybe thats why so many were on sale; in the back of my head I was telling myself, “you want to relive Europe? These aren’t going to be cute missy!” But I saw black, a drawstring, a satin stripe, and floral prints, and I couldn’t walk away. Long story short, to my disbelief they fit, and they looked awesome?!  I’ve learned what kind of cut around the ankle is the most flattering and have since then altered and pinned a few perfect printed trousers to my own perfect fit. And great, now I’m addicted.

I love when pants/trousers can be the focal point of an outfit; it makes for one easy recipe to create a classy and well put together outfit. Take a hip, printed pant, with a solid tank/blouse, a little bit of jewelries, and a sandal/pump/ankle boot, and BOOM. You look like you just walked out of a Zara lookbook. Girl-printed-trouser-power! They’re loud, they’re proud, they’re easy, and most importantly they’re comfortable. Happy Fashion Friday!

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