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My favorite accessory for many years now has been lipstick; mostly any and all shades of red to be exact. I have an entire drawer in my bathroom that is dedicated to my lipstick/lipgloss collection… It’s kind of disgusting I know, but every time I open that drawer and see all those tubes I get a big grin on my face. “Which red shall I wear today?… Revlon Certainly Red?… Nars Heat Wave?… Mac Russian Red lipgloss?” I’m one of those people that plans my outfits around my lip colors, and although I’ve been known to step outside the red box and go for blush pinks or deep maroons, I  can almost guarantee I’ll still be leaving my house wearing mostly black with a red pair of lips.

I’ve recently been expanding my horizons with the discovery of the orange, red-orange lipsticks. I vividly remember making fun of my aunt a few years ago for purchasing (and rocking mind you) Mac’s Morange… looks like I shoulda put a sock in it because she foresaw what would be my future. These days I’ve become much more accepting of Morange and all those sherbet tones under the sun. I thought I’d purchased all the (red) lipsticks there were to purchase until I found Orange, and once again I find myself in trouble with a new color palette obsession.

The shade/lipstick I really seem to be attached to lately is Lady Danger by Mac; it’s the perfect blend between orange and red and it’s one of Mac’s matte lipsticks (which is the best for long wear good for preventing the color ending up on your teeth). I was turned on to Lady Danger by a friend, and immediately went to Mac on 3rd where I asked the girls working if they had the “Dragon Lady” lipstick in stock. They looked at me very confused, but brought me Lady Danger hoping that’s what I had in mind. I still call it Dragon Lady because it makes perfect sense to me that that would be the name of this shade… I mean am I right or am I right.

I’m elated the rest of the world is catching on to the orange lipstick accessory; its a great way to spice up an entire look without having to think too much about your outfit; you can throw on a simple look and create a little fun and drama with your lip. Happy Fashion Friday!

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