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Love & Loathing LA Clothing Swap

If you follow Love & Loathing LA on Instagram like a real pal-a-mine you may have seen some of the shots I posted from my fun little event I threw with Willow & Niche last weekend. One thing I’ve gathered in my 25 years of life on this earth as a girl is that the #thestruggle really is real for many of us females when it comes to getting rid of old clothes – we never seem to know what to hang on to, what to throw away, what to attempt to sell, what friend to share with, where to donate, when to find the time to sort… ugh.

I myself have had 4 garbage bags of clothes (the outrageously large ones) sitting in my storage shed for almost a year now, and I’ve just been pretending for over 300 days that they don’t actually exist. The fact of the matter is there’s a part of all us girls who wish to find good homes for our outgrown belongings, but most of us find that we’re just too lazy or just to “busy” to figure out what to do with it all so instead those things stay crumpled in the back of our drawers and take up space.

This is where an idea like a clothing swap comes in to play and kills a whole lotta birds with one stone, and really, it’s as simple as getting a bunch of girl friends together, have them bring how ever many clothes they were looking to get rid of, throw in some cocktails and snacks, and swap!



Last Saturday night Kara of Willow & Niche and I hosted our first Swap together and it was more fun, more therapeutic, and more of a success than I could have ever dreamed. I couldn’t believe how much clothes 15 girls could compile, it was a little frightening to be honest but, it was frighteningly impressive as well? Each girl got to go shopping with one of our Love & Loathing LA totes (pictured above and below, go buy one in the “shop”!) and stuffed as many items as they could into it.

All us LA ladies had such a great time we’re hoping to do it again in the near future but this time involve YOU! If you want to be invited to the next one email me at and I’ll put you on the list to be included. Must be 21+ because it aint no Love & Loathing LA party without adult beverages.

All extra clothing was driven down to the Women’s Shelter in DTLA and donated, and you betcha we’ll be doing that again and looking for even more organizations we can give to. STAY TUNED for the next event!!!



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