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There’s a lot of questionable fashion out there in the world, we’re all pretty well aware. Recently, while perusing my fav shopping sites I came to the conclusion that there’s in inordinate and unnecessary amount of God awful boots out this season. Bad shoes and bad boots happen, but they’re usually found heavily discounted for obvious reasons; no one in their right fashion mind would purchase them, let alone purchase them full price… to wear out in public on days other than Halloween… Well, to my complete and utter confusion there’s something weird going on right now, I don’t know who all these ladies are that are perpetuating this terrifying blip in the boot trend, but something needs to be done to put an end to the madness. Here, see for yourself!

5 WTF? Boots (my top choices out of several eligible candidates):


1. Jeffrey Campbell 3rd Street Peep Toe Over the Knee Boot. $315

…. I just can’t. Ps, $315!!!

Picture 10

2. JuJu Footwear Glitter Lace-Up Rain Boot. $79

… glitter… “rain boots”?

Picture 11

3. Miista Bernice Printed Velvet Boot. $163

YOU CAN’T DO A VELVET BOOT! YOU JUST CAN’T! Especially one that looks like this.

Picture 4

4. Jeffrey Campbell Cadena Pointy Toed Hidden Wedge Boot. $253

“scuse me miss, a squirrel seems to have trapped itself in your patent leather boot…”

Picture 5

5. Adidas SLVR Zansar Graffiti Sneaker Boot. $215

… You lost me at “sneaker boot”.

Picture 6

Well that was fun, special thanks to Jeffrey Campbell for always being a repeat offender, even though honestly I own 2305293 pairs of his less terrifying creations, and extra special thanks to Urban Outfitters for providing all of the entertainment above. Happy Fashion Friday!

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