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I am the Queen of brunch, brunching, and brunch foods. They’re something I look forward to engaging in just about every weekend and its practically become Saturday and/or Sunday ritual. During the week I daydream of unlimited mimosas, hot fresh coffee, pastries, eggs, sausage, pancakes: anything and everything that gives me a reason to believe there must be a God, and if brunch is my religion then Farmshop is my church.

I happened upon Farmshop almost two years ago when I was discovering my then neighborhood, Brentwood, and had heard quite a bit about this ‘Brentwood Country Mart’. “Oh there’s this awesome fried chicken place… there’s some great boutiques… a Sweet Rose Creamery!…. tons of celebrity sightings…”, so obviously I had to check it out for myself. Walking around small corridors and picnic tables galore, I noticed a space tucked into a corner with two white doors that appeared to be the only actual sit down restaurant at the Country Mart. I peeked in and saw a rustic, cute little restaurant that aroused a curiosity for further exploration and investigation. What I really seemed to zero in on besides the wafting smells of coffee and breakfast, were the most tasty looking pastries and confectionaries I’d seen sitting in a glass case since my trip to Paris. This place had delicious brunch written all over it, so I was in there like swimwear. That next weekend my girlfriend and I made a reservation to check it out to see if the taste of the food matched our taste for their decor. Sure enough after sharing 4 pastries and two entrees, we were deeply in love with this little neighborhood gem.



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As I’ve discovered over several visits to Farmshop over the past two years, the menu is always making changes. There’s a few things that seem to always stick, namely their incredible and infamous french toast, but for the most part they seem to be in tune with the changing of seasons and therefore the changing of ingredients. I’m not usually one to tell people what to get when I recommend places, because well, for the most part I’m not all that picky and there’s a good chance I’ve had a good portion of any given menu, BUT, I’m gonna go ahead and tell you what you must get here. I don’t care if there’s one, two, three, or four of you… you must order at least one of each of these. First you must must must get the pastry basket, for obvious reasons! And best part, you get to pick your pastries from a long list of sweet and savory flaky treats. You must also get the french toast and the pastrami and eggs; trust me you’ve never had french toast like this, and you’ve never had pastrami and eggs like this. I’ve practically had one of everything on this menu, yes dead serious, but these are the items I always come back to.

Farmshop a little over a year ago was just a restaurant in hopes of expanding into a small market of sorts, and today they have succeeded in creating a gourmet shop in part with their restaurant. They have prepared foods, pastries, wine, seasonings, meats, cheeses, anything and everything for chefs and foodies; it’s hard to walk in and not want to throw down some cash on top notch goodies. I’d be at Farmshop every weekend if I could afford it, and if they had a bottomless mimosa deal (I’m sorry I’m ruined!!), but this most certainly is still my favorite brunch spot in all of LA. It’s a great place to take your parents, take a girlfriend, anyone really, and because Brentwood seems to be pretty relaxed I’ve shown up in yoga clothes right after a Bar Method class, and I’ve shown up dolled up in my brunch best; luckily you wont really get a reaction either way so come as you are!

Sadly I have yet to check Farmshop out for dinner, I need to get on that because their dinner menu looks incredible, but their brunch and pastry basket will always have my heart. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an appreciation for the brunch things in life, aka the best things in life. Happy brunching Los Angeles!


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