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Growing up I was never a fan of the whole turtleneck thing. I’d decided at an early age that ‘turtleneck’ mean’t ‘nerd’ and even as I’d entered in to my twenties, many moons ago, not much had changed. But then I grew up, and I started traveling to tundras like New York in February and suddenly turtlenecks had a whole new meaning in my life. These days I’m a huge proponent of oversized sweaters, with turtlenecks or not, but those big cozy looking knits are generally “do not touch” items for us Southern California dwellers. I’ve tried to force wearing a few at home here in sunny Los Angeles, but even in 60 degree weather I’ve truthfully regretted it every single time. But this season, there’s hope. A few of my favorite trends for Fall right now are sleeveless leather vests, sleeveless long blazers, and, my personal favorite: sleeveless turtleneck sweaters. You can be cozy, chic, cool (in temperature) and still take part in at least SOME sort of sweater trend. I got this particular sleeveless sweater number from Jigsaw, one of my favorite brands/shops in LA, and I have waited two very long months to finally be able to wear it! It’s the perfect polished basic and I can already tell you that I will be wearing it, traveling with it, and layering it all through Winter.

I am a lover of anything monochromatic, neutral, or grey scale, and I’ve been having a lot of fun mixing a few of my whites and grey clothing for the days/times I need to throw on something bright and classy. With this outfit I jazzed up a simple day look and payed homage to three of my favorite current trends: the sleeveless turtleneck, a bold sneaker, and the whole “oversized sweater with a skirt” look. Neutrals never go out of style and even as the weather cools off it’s completely acceptable to mix and match pieces from lighter color palettes. Between beige, white, caramel, grey, blush, and even metallics like silver and gold, you’ve got a million and one ways to craft an awesome look for Fall – whether you pair a few neutrals together or wear it with other basics such as black, denim, leather, etc.

Photos | Tommy Garcia Photographer

Details | Sweater: Jigsaw “Rib Sleeveless Sweater” (only $95 and it feels like cashmere, not itchy AT ALL) | Skirt: Chelsea28 “A-Line Pocket Skirt” (sold out) | Sneakers: Zara “Metallic Platform Bluchers” (not available anymore) | Clutch: Clare V. “foldover clutch” | Sunglasses: Quay “Kitty” frames

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