First thoughts over the words “magic show” (for me at least) aren’t exactly “OOoOooO!” I’ll be honest, usually there more like, “…hmmm…” BUT that being said, say “magic show” and “Houston Hospitality” (Good Times at Davey Waynes, No Vacancy, La Descarga, Breakroom 86, etc.) in the same sentence and suddenly I’m sold. Black Rabbit Rose is the latest Houston Hospitality venture to hit Hollywood; born into the former Butchers & Barbers space, Black Rabbit Rose is the team’s latest concept that is centered around dining, entertainment, and of course cocktails. It’s been described by many as the “smaller, younger, more hip sibling” to the O.G. of Hollywood mystery, The Magic Castle. (Cheesy magician voice) Why that may be, you’ll have to see for yourself.



I’d been dying to check out Black Rabbit Rose since it’d opened because I knew it was going to be something special. Weird, maybe, but bad… impossible. Last week I’d made a plan to come in early for dinner then attend the 8 o’clock magic show, the space more or less resembled it’s former self as Butchers & Barbers but there was definitely a whole new layer of dim, vintage, cozy ambiance that’d been added.



In this particular venture, Houston Hospitality partnered with the incredible team at Crying Tiger to offer various authentic Thai dishes inside Black Rabbit Rose – all of which where beyond phenomenal. If you have time to eat before or after your show, you won’t want to miss this meal. And of course in true HH fashion, the cocktails at Black Rabbit Rose are simply unbeatable. I ordered a mezcal cocktail called “Honey Bunny”, and then I ordered two more because I hadn’t had a cocktail that good in I don’t even know how long. I am STILL craving that cocktail!



The room where the magic literally happens is surprisingly yet pleasantly small and intimate – there was seating for probably 30-40 people I’m guessing. And when the entertainment room is that small, you KNOW either you or your friend/date is getting called up to the stage to assist in some magic – of course during my visit it was me, twice

All of that said though I cannot get over how genuinely entertaining the show was; I went into it a little nervous it might be weird, or that I just wouldn’t think it was all that great. But the fact of the matter is it was one of the most fun nights I’ve had out in LA in a while. The show is definitely more funny and entertaining than it is mindblowing with all the magic, but I think that’s what made me love it more, it wasn’t trying to be something it wasn’t. It’s just some silly, goofy, entertaining “magic” with some fabulous acts in between.



If you’ve been looking for something fun, different, NEW, and entertaining to do at night in Hollywood, Black Rabbit Rose is your ticket. Even if you don’t go see the show (this time), going in for just cocktails and thai food is a pretty great way to spend an evening too!



Must Drink | The Honey Bunny (AKA my FAVORITE cocktail out there right now) – Mezcal, lime, honeydew, habanero tincture // also loved The Dove Tail – Irish whiskey, scotch, cassis, lemon, egg white

Must Order | Crying Tiger is some no joke Thai food, and it is no joke some of the yummiest I’ve had here in LA. Chefs Noree Pla and Fern Kaewtathip are some of the most talented ladies in the kitchen, and I’m completely serious when I say nothing you order will be bad, let alone mediocre. I absolutely LOVED the Tamarind Orange Chicken, the Jade Noodles, the Beef Nam Tok Bao, and the Sautéed Green Beans. Everyone I’ve talked to that has been though has a different favorite dish, so apparently you can do no wrong!

Perfect Spot For | dinner and a show // dinner // cocktails // a fun night out // something different // something new // magic // a fun date night // a place to hang in Hollywood

Must Understand // Black Rabbit Rose is open 6pm – 2am Tuesday – Saturday with ticketed shows Thursday – Saturday (two shows per night) be sure to buy your tickets ahead of time!


BLACK RABBIT ROSE // 1719 N. Hudson Ave. Hollywood, CA 90028

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