I’d heard nothing but praises for Tallula’s since they opened their doors back in May. But even outside of the praises from peers, it didn’t take much convincing once I’d learned that the masterminds behind everything that is good in Santa Monica (i.e. Rustic Canyon, Milo & Olive, Huckleberry, and so on) were behind this project as well. I honestly didn’t even know what the concept was, nor did I know what kind of experience I’d be walking into. But frankly, I didn’t even care! I was totally surprised walking in to Tallula’s to find that it was Mexican restaurant, and the surprise could not have been a more sweet.



Tallulah’s (named after owners Josh and Zoe’s daughter, cuteness overload) is located right on the PCH in Santa Monica in an absolutely adorable rustic and beachy space. And talk about nailing an interior… with their vibrant multi colored walls, hanging plants, and pink neon sign, Tallula’s is almost too cute for words.



Tallula’s is known for being ingredient and neighborhood driven, meaning they source locally – a lot from the Santa Monica Farmers Market actually. Co-owner and chef Jeremy Fox and day-to-day head chef Mario Alberto have truly outdone themselves with such an imaginative yet classic/familiar menu. Everything I had that night from cocktails to dessert was completely out of this world and perfectly executed.



My only disclaimer here is that your check ain’t gonna be cheap. I was a bit surprised at my $200 bill for what I thought was a more “casual” meal, but, was it worth it? Yes. Would I go back as quickly as I’d like? Maybe not. But there’s absolutely no denying how insanely fantastic the whole experience was, and it’s definitely an incredible addition to the Santa Monica / beach dining scene. Next time I’m in the area or near the beach, I definitely know what my first choice in dining is now.



Must Drink | “Medicina del Abuelo” – Nuestra Soledad Mezcal, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Lemon, Honey, Firewater Bitters. It’s totally the perfect compliment to a Mexican meal. Goes great with guac (wink wink).


Must Order | The menu is a bit seasonal, but if you go to Tallula’s while they have their Summer Corn (lemongrass, cascabel chile, queso fresco, pea tendril), do not miss it!!! Try not to miss the Yellowtail Ceviche (lime, cilantro, avocado, chili) as well. My absolute favorite thing I had that night though were the Organic Turkey Enchiladas (black recado-quinoa sauce, burrata cheese, sesame). I had never had a turkey enchilada before that night… and I think this one is officially my new favorite. The sauce, the cheese, the juicy turkey… yep. It was all working for me. The last fun dish we ordered were the Duck Confit Chilaquiles (sangre de toro beans, queso fresco & jack, cracklings, sauce colorado), which were on the heavier side but when the “heavy” is just “cheese”, there’s not much to complain about. I don’t love duck and I absolutely loved these chilaquiles! 


Perfect Spot For | date night // parents // large parties  // cocktails // beachy dining // beautiful decor // something hot and new // chips and guac cravings //


TALLULA’S // 118 Entrada Drive Santa Monica CA 90402

HOURS //  Open at 4pm daily

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