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A Day In The Rain | The Angeleno Perspective

LA In the Rain

As you are well aware, it doesn’t rain much here in Los Angeles anymore, if ever at all. When rain finally graces us with its presence the city erupts with surprise and elation; Twitter and Facebook feeds explode with photos and comments of proof of its appearance, but rarely do we Angelenos get to experience an actual entire day of rain. So how does a day in the rain go down as experienced by an Angeleno? Let’s just say, it’s not necessarily all hot cocoa and dancing in the rain as planned.



We’ve just arisen, it’s raining, we peek through our dusty vertical blinds and say to ourselves, “Holy shit it’s raining!!! This is the best day ever!!!” We get out of bed and start fantasizing about what it will be like to go outside: “Will I be cold? Will it be as I remembered?” Excited and hurried preparation to go outdoors is our next task, but concerns like “do I own an umbrella” and better yet, “do I own waterproof anything” start to become rather serious matters.


the umbrella hunt.

Sprinkling = raining as far as Angelenos are concerned. We’re not very interested in taking any chances on getting wet, and so begins the hunt to find our trusty (piece of crap and possibly broken) umbrella that has been hiding somewhere in our respective domiciles. With any luck, you find said crappy umbrella and excitement resurfaces – we will now successfully shield nature with our trusty devices we’ve likely held onto since high school. The good news for Angelenos is that unlike every other state and city that experiences rain, umbrellas are widely accepted and used here when one finds themselves in the presence of precipitation.



We finally overcome the umbrella hurdle and yet it continues to get more interesting because as previously touched on, it could be misting outside and we are still going to panic about waterproof wear. Thoughts and actions about simply getting dressed begin to look a little like, “I don’t own a raincoat? … shit. (pulls leather jacket out) Is this waterproof? …Wait, never mind jackets, what about my damn feet?!” Alas, annoyance beings to take over and with a slightly defeated undertone we wonder, “…Does this mean I’m going to be uncomfortable all day… I wonder if putting on leggings will help…” And so we leave our places in the most prepared and practical outfit, completely unsatisfied with the turn out – be it because of comfort level, attractiveness, waterproof-ness, or all of the above.


the car dash

It’s time to get a move on the day, and we must get to our mobile transportations. Bundled up like we’re in the middle of winter in New York, sporting a classic “I can’t see, it’s raining” scrunched look on our face with umbrellas up and out, we run (quite literally) to our cars. And despite how happy we are once we’ve made it to the warm confines of our vehicles, we’re not exactly thrilled that we just got water all over the interior of our car. “YAY RAIN!” is further slipping towards the “fucking rain.” end of the spectrum.


ugh. being out.

After what feels like eternity from driving behind LA drives with their windshield wipers wiping at an unnecessary, crack-like speed, we finally make it to our destination. And be it work, dinner, lunch, errand, etc, your presence outside of home begins to feel more like a chore than a choice. We don’t want to be doing anything anymore? But none the less, we’ve come this far, and the urge to find warm delights, such as peppermint mochas and fresh oven-baked goods have become imperative to making our day worthwhile. Health, and being active have completely gone out the window because it appears we’ve all decided that going back home and hibernating (as soon as humanly possible) sounds like a much more appealing alternative. Rain is cool and all, but it’s best experienced from the inside of our homes where we can’t actually feel the weather – we can just hear it.



By the end of the day, after the 10th “I’m literally freezing” mutter and a 6th cup of tea later, we put on our ugliest sweatpants and socks – the ones we’ve missed, so, fucking, much – we plop down on the couch with a comfort food of our choosing, a blankie on our laps, and we contemplate turning on the fireplace – which you can only hope isn’t strictly for decoration because a little extra heat would be great in that chilly 57 degree weather. Coziness may have come at a price but by bedtime it’s found. Well, the rain could be a little louder and you can’t decide whether or not you want it to rain tomorrow too but, for the most part we’re ok with our day spent with rain.


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