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Sad but true story… before a few weeks ago I’d never even heard of Union Station / Grand Central Market… and shame. on. me. What an incredible, not to mention historic LA spot! A friend had visited this past week to do some scouting for the company she works for, Tastemade (FOODIES CHECK IT OUT), and had told me it was a place we needed to make a trip to. Grand Central Market has been there since 1917, and reminded me of the Ferry Building in SF or the Oxbow Market in Napa, perhaps even Eataly in NY. It’s similarly filled with small markets and vendors who sell/serve authentic cuisines from all kinds of cultures. GCM continues to grow and  evolve with every new change Downtown LA encounters, and they are making a clear effort to bring in new and unique businesses to add to the community. There’s everything from hot meals, vitamins, coffee, ice cream, to liquor; I was particularly drawn to Valerie at GCM, a bakery among other things, where I with no hesitation ordered two cookies and a salted carmel croissant. Worth every buttery, carmely, chocolatey calorie – to die for.

One of the newest, hippest places to open at the market is Horse Thief, an authentic Texas BBQ place. If there’s one thing you should know about me… I love BBQ, particularly of the Texas kind. And since having moved to LA my BBQ needs have been far from met; I have been shamefully pouty about every BBQ place I’ve tried here so far. That is until today. When Horse Thief said they were “Texas BBQ” they weren’t messing with me. The brisket was on point – which is key to my BBQ affection. Well that and BBQ sauce, and luckily Horse Thief’s sauce was as equally on point as the brisket. Didn’t get to try the mac n’ cheese because they ran out, but I’m looking forward to coming back prepared, stretchy pants and all.

Right down the road, about 5 minute walk, is Bar Amá where we posted up for a massive plate of nachos and some “feliz hora” beverages. I’ve always been a huge fan of Baco Mercat, their sister restaurant, so it was awesome finally making a trip to their counterpart. Over several hours of girl talk I managed to try a few of the items on their awesome happy hour menu including, yes, the nachos and, honest to god, some of the best guacamole I’ve ever had. Washed down of course with a house margarita followed by a delicious craft beverage they so cleverly named “Snakes Blood” (because it was red… see what they did there).

Keep your eye on Grand Central Market and what’s opening in the next few months, I’m particularly looking forward to the opening of Egg Slut, DTLA Cheese, and beer and wine being served at Horse Thief! Get out, get downtown, and enjoy the city life.

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