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I was already a Culver City resident when Public School 310 was in the process of being built; watching the build little by little I decided, probably a little too early on, that I was already going to be a regular. My anticipation made it seem as though they were taking forever to open but in reality in a matter of weeks all the sudden there it was, in all it’s new yet rustic, glowing glory. So of course practically within the first week of its opening I was there with the rest of the curious Culver citizens and self-proclaimed foodies of Los Angeles, excited and ready for my “first day at school”. Between a great area for outdoor seating, “old school” warm decor, and incredibly appetizing plates and beverages… it was love at first “composition-notebook” menu.

As I discovered after a few glasses of wine, what may actually be better than their adorable “lined paper” napkins and “composition notebook” menus, is what’s actually ON the menu. Notably four of my favorite words: bacon. cheddar. tater. tots. …ohmygod. I was absolutely not gonna go there until my boyfriend decided for us that we were without a doubt going to tater town. And of course I wasn’t going to be rude and watch him eat them all by his lonesome? It was an excellent terrible decision to be a good sport and help him out; I’d never had a bacon cheddar tater tot, but come on, where can you go wrong with the big kid version of one of your favorite childhood foods. The menu is a culinary exploration, one you’ll have a wonderful time finding nostalgic items you hadn’t seen in a while, and potentially discovering items you may have never seen before.

An extensive and unique beer/wine/cocktail menu, preferably a lined-notebook menu, is always appreciated so I was beyond pleased to find that they had one of my family members beers on tap: Moylan’s Dragoons Dry Irish Stout. My stepmom’s brother, Brendan Moylan, is the mastermind behind Moylan’s and Marin Brewing Co. up in Northern California and I’m being 100% serious and kind-of non biased when I say Moylan’s makes my absolute favorite beers, and the Dragoons is a favorite of many such as myself. And get this, Public School likes it so much they use it as a key ingredient in their short rib dish and have recently gone as far to make a beer float with it!. Talk about “an eduction in the art of food and beer”, this is a place you want to gain some knowledge in all areas of a culinary experience.

Their bar area is awesome if you’re looking for a place to meet someone for a drink or to partake in their happy hour which they have dubbed “Recess” (hee-hee). It’s Monday – Friday 4-7 in the bar, $4-5-6 food, $4 well drinks, $4 handle, and A HALF LITER OF WINE! (3 glasses for $10).  Every now and then, if my boyfriend and I are feeling a little bored in the late afternoon on a Sunday, or whenever really, we’ll walk over to Public School, post up at the bar, see what sporting event is going on (to which I pay zero attention to) and grab some beers, tots, and a small plate to share. My go-to’s are the charcuterie and cheese plate they call “The Cutting Board”, and their Mediterranean inspired “Mezze Plate”; both aren’t full-blown meal commitments and are perfect for sharing.

This Downtown Culver City favorite is notably an exceptional place to go for dinner, but I’d highly recommend making a reservation before hand as this joint is still crazy busy every night. It’s like groundhog day of their opening, every night; it never seems to be slow! Which is impressive, it’s an excellent sign as far as I’m concerned, but if you try to come in without a reservation there’s a good chance you will wait, and/or be seated at the “community” tables outside. It’s not bad! I’ve done it before, but, I’m still more of a non-community-table gal for the most part, so reservations are my recommendation should you share my mixed feelings.

Public School 310 is the perfect place to try a new beer (one you likely haven’t heard of), it’s the perfect place to go if you have no clue what you’re in the mood for (their menu is seasonal, great for sharing, and all across the board), and it’s perfect for a relaxed, Gastropub dining experience in Culver City. Call me if you’re headed over there, any excuse to go to Public School 310 is a good excuse 😉


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