10 Things For Angelenos To Appreciate In NYC

If you’ve kept up with me the past week you’ve noticed I’ve been a busy little bee running around the slippery snow covered streets of NYC. I’ve been to New York a number of times, but for some reason this trip was probably the most eventful trip to the Big Apple I’ve taken thus far,...


LA Goes to NY – Last Days

One of the best brunches I’ve ever had at Hundred Acres in SoHo… This place needs to make its way to LA Chilaquiles Goat cheese and sage bread pudding “aaaat laaaaast…. my loooove has comealong…” Tom & Jerry’s Bar with some seriously large patrons just hangin around The last supper at Walter Foods in Brooklyn...


LA Goes To NY – Day 2

Snow on Brownstones Slush. Lots of beautiful dirty Slush. Made it to a rooftop to find this view Pretending I’m not freezing Still not freezing. Ice blanket lounge chairs. Cozy. The specials at Malatesta – they hand write all of the menus Tagliatelle Al Ragu at Malatesta The spinach gnocchi is an absolute must at...


LA Goes To NY – Day 1

Landed in NY and 3 minutes later I already had a Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand. The Meatball Shop in the Village Homemade Mint Ice Cream & Cookies from The Meatball Shop in the Village Analogue Bar in the Village My new favorite drink the “New Yorker” from Analouge – Burbon, lemon juice, simple syrup,...


The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Workout | Circuit Works, Brentwood & Venice

You’ve always heard things along the lines of “circuit training is the best kind of workout”, “intervals will change your body”, that kind of thing right? Circuit training and intervals can be a great addition to your workout but let’s be honest, if we’re headed to the gym and left to our own devices (and...