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La Piu Bella : Aventine, Hollywood

    For those of you familiar with the Italian language you can probably see where I was going with “La Piu Bella” but incase you were perhaps more of a French or Spanish “speaker”, “La Piu Bella” translates to “the most beautiful”. And well, to be honest I’m not kidding about Aventine in Hollywood...


Hello Gorgeous. : Cleo, Hollywood

  I’ve always been a little bitter towards the “Hollywood proper” area, after working 2 years on Hollywood Blvd in the thick of that hot mess I have to admit I found myself despising Hollywood as a whole at quite an alarming pace. But between tourists with no common sense, terrible excuses for character impersonators,...


No It’s Actually Good. : Malo, Silverlake

  Malo is, in my humble opinion, the quintessential hipster Mexican restaurant and bar you figured you’d find in LA. I appologize if the word “hipster” prompted a groan in annoyance, BUT, their effort to make a cool and unforgettable dining experience does not go un-noted. You wont walk in and walk out in disgust...


Day Date Downtown

    Sad but true story… before a few weeks ago I’d never even heard of Union Station / Grand Central Market… and shame. on. me. What an incredible, not to mention historic LA spot! A friend had visited this past week to do some scouting for the company she works for, Tastemade (FOODIES CHECK...


Andiamo : Hostaria Del Piccolo, Santa Monica

  I love Italians, I love Italy, and dammit I love their food. Have you actually ever met anyone that’s said “eh, I just don’t like Italian food?” … no because it’s obviously impossible. Carbs, sauces, more carbs, and wine? It’d be a terrible thing depriving your taste buds of these things. I’ve actually had...