Category: FOOD (+ BEVERAGE)


The Hidden Gem : The Escondite, Downtown

  Between cleverly named burgers like the “Captain Kangaroo” and signature cocktails like the “ChataFUGup”, what doesn’t already sound fucking awesome about this place? But oh, does it get better. The Escondite not only offers awesome, affordable, unique (in title and in taste) foods and beverages… it has one of the best view of Downtown...


La Piu Bella : Aventine, Hollywood

    For those of you familiar with the Italian language you can probably see where I was going with “La Piu Bella” but incase you were perhaps more of a French or Spanish “speaker”, “La Piu Bella” translates to “the most beautiful”. And well, to be honest I’m not kidding about Aventine in Hollywood...


Hello Gorgeous. : Cleo, Hollywood

  I’ve always been a little bitter towards the “Hollywood proper” area, after working 2 years on Hollywood Blvd in the thick of that hot mess I have to admit I found myself despising Hollywood as a whole at quite an alarming pace. But between tourists with no common sense, terrible excuses for character impersonators,...


No It’s Actually Good. : Malo, Silverlake

  Malo is, in my humble opinion, the quintessential hipster Mexican restaurant and bar you figured you’d find in LA. I appologize if the word “hipster” prompted a groan in annoyance, BUT, their effort to make a cool and unforgettable dining experience does not go un-noted. You wont walk in and walk out in disgust...


Day Date Downtown

    Sad but true story… before a few weeks ago I’d never even heard of Union Station / Grand Central Market… and shame. on. me. What an incredible, not to mention historic LA spot! A friend had visited this past week to do some scouting for the company she works for, Tastemade (FOODIES CHECK...


Andiamo : Hostaria Del Piccolo, Santa Monica

  I love Italians, I love Italy, and dammit I love their food. Have you actually ever met anyone that’s said “eh, I just don’t like Italian food?” … no because it’s obviously impossible. Carbs, sauces, more carbs, and wine? It’d be a terrible thing depriving your taste buds of these things. I’ve actually had...