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“Urban Farm Cuisine” | Industriel, Downtown

  So you’re thinking “oo? Urban farm cuisine? That sounds nice, and hip, and healthy like… but what does it mean exactly…” Here’s Industriel’s very clever, very sassy answer for you: “Urban Farm Cuisine /ˈɜrbən fɑrm kwɪˈzin/: the style of cuisine served up by your grandmother in her farmhouse in Provence, France, with one little...


Health, Happiness and Kleansing. | Kreation Juicery/Kafe, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, & More

  There cannot be any discussion about “getting healthy” or “cleansing your system” in LA without speak of juicing, juice cleanses, or any of our favorite local Juice Bars. Los Angeles and Juice Bars go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or like me and wine. In other words, the two are just better when...


mm. Go Greek Yogurt | Beverly Hills

I don’t know about you but right now I’m feeling ever so slightly disappointed in myself. Ever year, I can’t seem to get a grip on “giving a fuck” during the holiday season. Between buying cookies… baking my own cookies… ordering drinks at Starbucks I’m not sure why I order besides the fact that “peppermint” and...


LA’s 2013 Top 5… | Most “LA” Places Where Drinks and Debauchery May Ensue.

  LA is known for hush-hush hideaways where only the well connected and wealthy find entertainment and 2013 proved to be quite the year for a few of these local high-profile watering holes. Standards for being what we may consider to be “totally LA” are most certainly a speak easy-esque appeal, no signage, guest list...


Simple Perfection | Upper West, Santa Monica

  Upper West is the perfect restaurant. The End. Ok not really “the end“, but I whole heartedly meant that in my humble yet wise opinion Upper West in Santa Monica really is just one of those restaurants I truly consider to be perfect? Ambiance, food, crowd, location, space, drinks, attitude, menu, everything, it’s all...