Can we officially made the LPDD (little polka dot dress) a thing? Is it already a thing and I just think I am a total term coiner? Either way, there are two things I know for sure: I am having the time of my life in NYC right now, and this is my favorite dress I currently own. YES, she has left the city of Los Angeles, and oh dear what do we do now. It cracks me up how confused the world of social media gets when I post from anywhere but LA.  My blog isn’t called “Love and I Never Leave LA” for cryin’ out loud, and I always come back! A girl’s gotta get out of town sometimes, right?  And I absolutely LOVE being in New York.

I havent been to NYC in the Summer in years, and I am out here eating and drinking all of the delicious things and just living my best life – despite the muggy weather and wafting scent of hot garbage. Needless to say, in such elements mini dresses are a must. And in the second most fashionable city (behind LA of course) cute n’ trendy mini dresses are a must.


[Shop the dress HERE | Check out more from the brand, Lioness HERE]


I picked up this little cutie recently on Shopbop – aka my new favorite site to shop on, Amazon Prime shipping what?! – and got tons of compliments on it yesterday. And the best part is it was less than $85 – something I love to share with every single person who compliments me. It’s one of those dresses that could easily be $450, but turns out it’s less than $100, and that is worth noting.


[Shop the sneakers HERE | Shop more cute Converse styles to wear with your mini HERE]

I am loving playing with super feminine pieces and mixing them with my edgier or more masculine pieces. And lately I’ve been I have been really partial to wearing pretty little dresses with sneakers to create a fun, funky, and yet oddly balanced look for daytime activities. I’ve worn this dress with little heeled black sandals as well for a bit more of a polished look, but for NYC purposes, high top converse it was!


[Shop more polka dot styles HERE | Shop more romantic and feminine styles HERE]


I have another full day of walking around NYC, and I cannot wait. Looking for places to shoot so if you’ve shot anywhere around NYC that’s ‘gram worthy, please comment or shoot me a note via email or on Instagram! I would love your expertise and insight if you’ve got the intel!


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