I am all about staying on top of “that new new” in Los Angeles, and the dining department is no exception. I love going out to eat and experiencing new restaurants around town. Delicious food gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people are just generally more fun to be around! (Yes, channeled my inner Elle Woods there for a minute, something I do regularly actually.) The LA food scene can admittedly be a bit of a task to stay on top of but with a bit of curiosity and genuine dedication I have managed to do my best to keep that fresh content coming.

So without further adieu, if you’re in need of something new and noteworthy to try, these would be the most recent restaurants to be Love & Loathing LA approved!



It seems like all anyone is talking about right now is Bavel. BAVEL BAVEL BAVEL. How you actually even pronounce “Bavel”, I have no clue, but the foodie folk are saying it. A lot. Once I finally made it in for my reservation, 4 weeks later, the first thing I noticed is that the restaurant itself is a thing of absolute stunning and inspiring beauty. Let’s just say the hanging plants were a solid touch.

But besides Bavel’s undeniable beauty it really is the progressive and delicious restaurant the world of dining has made it out to be. It is truly fantastic; it makes flavors and dishes you’ve definitely never had before incredibly approachable and downright fun to enjoy. Not to mention, so much of what they make here they make by hand and/or in house. You can taste the quality and love that goes into everything.

I went in with Tommy on a more or less date night, even though dining out is our every night basically, but I am 100% taking my aunt and uncle when they come to visit in a few weeks, I think it’s a great place to take your super foodie friends or those more adventurous types in your life!



When aren’t we looking forward to brunch? And if that brunch comes poolside or in a chic hotel, Last weekend I met some friends for brunch Downtown at Veranda inside the newly remodeled Hotel Figueroa and had the absolute best time.

Not only does Hotel Figueroa‘s new facelift transport you to some tropical chic hotel somewhere in Marrakesh, Veranda’s brunch is 100% worthy of revisiting on a weekly basis. We’re talking incredible frozen cocktails, in house baked goods, and a menu crafted by the same chef behind my ALL TIME favorite brunch spot, The Tasting Kitchen.

Yep. Your friends will approve. Trust me on this one.



Alright so I’ll be honest with this one. You will either love or… not love Majordomo. If you’re a David Chang fan like myself, Majordomo is mandatory. But if you’re not, or if you haven’t had his food, it might be harder to appreciate.

The fact of the matter is that if you go into Majordomo without a plan you might do it wrong. Be careful on where to splurge, choose your bing wisely (go with the more affordable bings), don’t order the pork belly, do order the black cod and a noodle dish, and bring friends because this restaurant seems to work best for groups!

With all of that said though, the food really is very, very good, and the space is a total dream. I want your Majordomo experience to be a success (lol) because I personally see how the restaurant has a place and serves a purpose here for the LA community.




When I am feeling far too thin and famished, I head straight to Petit Trois to fix the issue. And good grief can they fix that in the most delicious and decadent way possible. If there was any place in LA worthy of a “treat yo’self” stamp for each dish it’d be Petit Trois.

Petit Trois le Valley opened a few months ago and the space is quite a bit more functional, open, and inviting than its Hollywood counterpart. I love sitting at the bar here, chatting with the bartenders, and eating as much freshly baked bread with butter I can get my hands on. I have never had such delicious French food in all of my life, not even in France.

I love that Chef Ludo sticks to his roots but manages to express his appreciation for Los Angeles in several of his dishes all the same. This is what great dining in LA truly looks like to me, and here they do it so incredibly well.

Parents love this place – bring the parents.



Sometimes, a lot of times, I want to go out for a meal and not consume an entire days worth of calories on one said meal. That’s not always easy to do, but I can always count on Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines to help me feel as though I’m eating lighter. Jaffa is my latest “modern Israli” obsession and if there were one place on this list I could probably eat at every day, it’d be this one.

The menu is filled with locally sourced, vegetable heavy, and sustainable meat options. Really though, never in my life have vegetables and salads been so delicious and fun – not to mention the hummus (my restaurant barometer) is outstanding. This is also one of those meals you’re going to want to take several pictures of, everything about Jaffa is so dang beautiful! Even mashed up chickpeas are a work of art!

Jaffa is just as great for lunch as it is for dinner, and it’s a great place to go with friends or on a date. It’s casual yet refined and fun yet classic. Plus – basically guilt free.



Looking forward to checking out Tesse, the rooftop of the NoMad hotel, Joy, and Makani soon!

Where have you been lately that you absolutely loved? Please share in the comments, would love to know what you are loving!

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