What do you think of when you think of summertime eats? Personally, my mind goes straight to hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream. They’re all quintessential, and basically going hand in hand. They’re simple “American” staples that you can keep pure, or dress ’em up how ever you please – either way, you’re tasting pure summer nostalgia.

So. In honor of the one day of the year that could easily double as “National Hot Dog & Hamburger Day”, I’ve come up with a little list of my favorite hot dog (aaaand sausage) joints places around town. If you’re not planning on grilling this 4th of July, perhaps consider one of the following:


Sumo Dog

“Started at Coachella now we’re here.” True story though, Coachella’s favorite hot dog stand officially opened up a brick and mortar and frankly – no pun intended – I couldn’t be happier about it. (So this means Spicy Pie is next right?) Another true story: I’ve never had a hot dog quite so delicious and wild in my life. Sumo Dog is known for their more unique, Asian inspired, and non conventional style dogs – as well as their vegan options! I am heavily obsessed with their Miso Katsu dog (panko crusted hot dog, cabbage, mustard, miso, tonkatsu sauce, mayo, scallions), but with such quality ingredients and fun flavors you cant go wrong with whatever you choose.



Exotic sausages, brews and more. This beer hall offers the most insane array of links, ranging from rabbit to rattlesnake – but also everything else delicious and familiar. With vegan options also offered and maybe the most delicious mustard selection I’ve thus experienced while dining, this staple will not disappoint. Wurstkuche also offers TWO different locations: one for you westsiders in Venice and then one you eastsiders in the Arts District. *don’t forget the truffle fries.


Let’s Be Frank

Something to especially love about the Let’s Be Frank food truck is that the meat they source are pasture-raised, family farmed and grass-fed. I also love that of all the hot dog joints, Let’s Be Frank are more in line with “keeping it classic”. We’re talking quality dogs with simple and typical toppings, which sometimes is all you want! On Saturdays and Sundays they’re at the Helm’s Bakery Complex in Culver City from 11:30 – 3:30.


Dodger Stadium

Duh. I may be bias but the best hot dogs in LA are at Dodger Stadium! K fine they’re not “the best”, but they ARE the most fun to enjoy. I love a good Super Dog with a side of beer, sunshine, and baseball. If you’re hoping to enjoy a dog at your next Dodger outing, go with the Super Dog (or the veggie dog!) over the Dodger Dog. Super Dogs are made with 100% natural beef, they taste better, and they’re a bit bigger than your basic Dodger Dogs. If you’re feeling fancy you can try one of their Italian Sausages -you can USUALLY get them right next to Lasorda’s Trattoria in the outfield, but they’re only open during the week – why? I have no idea. If you’re feeling especially famished, go with one of the huge hot messes from the Extreme Loaded Dogs stand – the Doyer Dog is a particular favorite of mine.


Vicious Dogs

Based in good ol’ North Hollywood, Vicious Dogs is a mecca for all things zany – hence the name, see what they did there. With bacon wrapped hot dogs, chicken apple sausages, Louisiana links, (every kind of link/sausage/dog you can imagine basically) and toppings that include chicken tenders, mac n cheese, chili, nacho cheese, guacamole, and even peanut butter – your taste buds are guaranteed to explode. Into happiness of course.


Taste Chicago

Okay okay. I know we’re talking about LA here but, there’s no denying that Chicago knows their sh*t when it comes to pizza and hot dogs. And Taste Chicago in Burbank offers both in all their authentic glory. Their Chicago Dog in particular though is a beautiful thing. I’m talking mustard, onion, relish, tomatoes, pickles, celery salt and hot peppers on a poppy seed bun – what more could you want.


Dog Haus Biergarten

There are Dog Haus locations ALL around the Los Angeles area (Burbank, Canoga Park, Carson, Long Beach, North Hollywood, Northridge, Pasadena, Palmdale, Thousand Oaks, and more). And every time I have visited one – especially the Pasadena location – I am always so beyond impressed. Touting “never-ever” meat, they basically keep their meat clean, with vegetarian-feed and no hormones or antibiotics. They also offer some of the more creative dogs I’ve seen – *and* they all come on King’s Hawaiian Rolls. Major bonus in my opinion. I usually go with the “SOOO CALI” (wild arugula, spicy basil aioli, crispy fried onions, avocado, tomato) or the classic Corn Dog (YAAASSS CORNDOG!!!) but judging by the looks of them all, there are no bad decisions when you’re in the Dog Haus.


Seoul Sausage Company

Arguably the best food that has come out of Los Angeles has been Korean takes on traditional foods. Seoul Sausage Company is everything you’d hope and dream it would be an then some – Korean inspired street food, specializing in you guessed it: sausages. Their Kalbi sausage is probably their most popular item but they are equally as loved for their Kalbi burger and fried chicken sandwich. You can find Seoul Sausage in DTLA, Oxnard, or roaming the streets of LA in their food truck!


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