As one who lives the life of a freelancer – so rare in this city amiright – sometimes it’s hard to work from home in the literal sense. I know, it sounds a smidge whiney to complain about setting my own schedule and having a certain freedom with my career that I know a lot of people don’t have. BUT, the struggle of working solo – and I mean solo solo – can be real! And when I do want a change of scenery, it’s great to have a few coffee places on my roster that not only have great coffee, but all the other things that make working from a coffee shop great. Like fast wifi, for example. And or, delicious snacks. The obvious necessities.

So I’ve rated my top selections below based on their best criteria. Mind you, all of these places are great. I’ve just hinted at their respective strong points.


Best Wi-Fi Connection

Caffe Vita – Silver lake. I don’t always rave about good wifi. But I do when I’ve had the mistake of going to a bevy of coffee shops and realizing once I get there that either A) they don’t have wifi at all, which I find truly bizarre. Or B) they have such terrible wifi that I end up having to use my personal hotspot, which ultimately defeats the purpose of going to a cafe. Especially, if I’m already buying coffee, why do I need to purchase wifi as well? Caffe Vita in Silver Lake not only has great wifi, but they have super friendly baristas, a two-story cafe and delicious coffee. Win win win, if you ask me.


Best Ambiance

Verve Coffee – West Hollywood/ DTLA. So we all love plants. And I think it’s safe to say, they’re even better when dispersed throughout a patio in a way that makes you think, “Oh, how pretty! Let me look and enjoy these without having leaves in my face and or bugs everywhere.” Verve may or may not have defined what it means to even be a successful cafe in this city – yes you need great coffee, but you also need great ambiance. And that is something they’re def not missing (shout out their plant wall in DTLA or general patio oasis in West Hollywood).


Best Menu

Highly Likely Cafe – West Adams. Newly opened (like, 2-3 weeks new) this new cafe comes from the same restauranteurs who brought you Cafe Gratitude, Gracias Madre and Juice Served Here. So you know you’re going to get delicious food and drink. The space is indoor with an open, overflowing patio. They offer free wifi, of course, a delicious menu of coffee and tea (alcohol is coming soon!) and an even more delicious selection of food that is simply heaven on earth. The bread, first and foremost, from acclaimed bread-making legends (Bub and Grandmas) is a staple in a variety of dishes. They have fresh, seasonal salads, soups, sammys and breakfast served all day. What more could you ask for?


Best Coffee

Bru Coffeebar – Los Feliz. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better latte than the one I got from Bru. For some reason… maybe some super serious coffee science shit is going down in here… but the coffee is so. damn. good. (And it should be for how expensive coffee is generally these days). They have all the milk options you’d need and to make it better, it’s on the best part of Vermont street – next to cute little shops – that makes walking with a cup of coffee in hand just that much more rewarding.


Best Drink Selection

Paper & Plastik – Mid City. I know I’ve touched on their Lavender Chai latte before – but no cafe in LA has as diverse a drink selection than this lovely place. Which also happens to be right up the street from me (praise!). Because we’re not always craving a cup of jo, this cafe is the perfect balance for a tea latte or juice that isn’t necessarily caffeinated. Trust me, it won’t disappoint.


Best Place for a Quiet and Chill Atmosphere

Bar Nine – Culver City. This place has been a personal favorite coffee shop of mine for years. It’s a bit of a hidden gem, they make their own roasts, it’s a gorgeous and spacial space, and there’s just something special about it. Every time I need a quiet space to get shit done, I head here. I’ll be honest the parking isn’t always great, but I’m always able to find something – at some point. It’s worth it.


Best Place for a Coffee Meeting

Paramount Coffee Bar – Fairfax. Paramount Coffee is just one of those super centrally located coffee shops that everyone can appreciate. It’s relatively new, it’s in a fun part of town, there’s plenty of seating, great spaces for conversation, there are great food selections should you want to turn the meeting into a meal, and the coffee aint so bad either.


If I missed any amazing places you love and want to put on my radar, please share in the comments!!

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