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“If L.A. had a song, you’d hear it in the first bite. If L.A had an anthem, you’d find it in your first meal.” – Kogi 

I’m a local of the Culver City area and to say there is a lack of excitement, alcohol, and food would be a lie. Culver City has been transforming into a late twenty to mid thirty hot spot over the past few years. By “hot spot” ,no, I don’t mean chic and so underground you have to have passwords to get in to places with no sign… there may be one or two of those places here but come on we’re still in LA. I say “hot spot” as in there is an inordinate amount of really unique restaurants and bars clumped together here, all pretty much within walking distance of each other. There are gems in this town with top notch chefs, food, and ambiance and one of my local favorites is Alibi Room on Washington Blvd.

So whats so great about Alibi Room? Well a lot, but one thing in particular keeps bringing me back… Kogi tacos. Yes, you can get Kogi tacos, Kogi sliders, and FRENCH FRIES at a bar paired with well crafted fancy drinks. For those of you that are like “wtf is a Kogi taco?”, it is one of the genius concoctions first created and brought to LA via chef Roy Choi and his infamous Kogi Truck. The food created is the love child between Mexican and Korean BBQ dishes, and Alibi Room is one of Chef Roy’s flagship restaurant/bars where his foodie fans can post up at a bar instead of wait in what can be a very long line for the food truck. When you go, do yourself a favor and make sure you at least try the short rib tacos; they’re one of those things you dream about and crave on a regular basis.

I’m not normally one that goes out seeking hard alcohol or expensive drinks, they have their time and places, and Alibi Room is my time and place for this kind of mood. I’m also one of those people that finds ambiance to be really important, so much so I frequent Yelp for the sole purpose of finding pictures of what the damn restaurant/bar looks like. Alibi Room is dimly lit and the bar itself is the most unique shaped bar I think I’ve ever sat at as its basically a big ol’ triangle. There’s a little room to stand outside but good luck on any given warm Thursday – Saturday night. My first visit was with a foodie friend that did the whole, “oh my god you haven’t been?! You will die.” She was right. One (or three I’m not sure) Kentucky Mules and some Kogi tacos later I was in love. If you’re in the Culver City area and looking for a happy hour joint you’ll have to wait till 11pm which I always thought was a little strange, but if you can stay up that late let me know how it is. You wont break the bank on the food, and the drinks are worth the splurge. Kogi on people!


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