Love and Loathing LA Valentine's Day


Whether we choose to accept it, embrace it, or flat out attest it, there’s simply no denying that Valentine’s Day holds some strange amount of significance within our society. Here’s the thing though, when you think real hard about it, what about love, friendship, appreciation, fun, and hopefully chocolate sounds all that terrible? Valentine’s Day can be the most amazing excuse all year to do something different, especially in Los Angeles! Or, you can choose to completely ignore it, you do you, but I for once am going to say maybe don’t fight it this year? The best thing about Valentine’s Day is that these days I feel like it’s less about people who are in relationships and more about people who value all of their relationships. Love deserves a holiday too, and if you want in on the action I have good news – you’ve come to the right place. That goes for the blog AND the city. Here’s what you need to know:



LA is chalk full of cozy candle lit restaurants that make for a perfect date night setting. Add a little wine and whimsy and even you will be impressed with yourself. 


Love and Loathing LA Valentine's Day

Love and Loathing LA Valentine's Day


1. VIVIANE // 9400 West Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills 90212

Retro, romantic, al fresco, and all around dining perfection. Read all about my new favorite restaurant in LA on the blog, HERE!


2. CASSIA // 1314 7th St, Santa Monica 90401

A breathtakingly beautiful space with high ceilings and a warm interior. Cassia was born out of the partnership between husband and wives duos Bryant & Kim Ng and Josh Loeb & Zoe Nathan. Need I say more.


3. CLIFFS EDGE // 3626 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 90026

Does it get more classic, flawless and more quintessentially Silverlake than Cliff’s Edge? I’ll set the scene: a candle lit dinner in a rainforest-like tree house. Boom.


4. FAITH + FLOWER // 705 W. 9th Street, Los Angeles CA 90015

Keeping the goal of paying homage to two major renaissance periods in mind, the 1920’s and now, Faith + Flower has quickly become one of LA’s most beloved sultry DTLA dining spaces. It’s worth noting that they’ll be offering a special Valentine’s Day menu – check it out HERE.


5. MARE // 7465 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046

It was love at first “secret entrance” with Maré, but my affection only grew once I’d experienced first hand the incredible outdoor dining space and the sweet and simple “oceanic” driven meal. When I think of date night in LA, Maré is where I want to be. Read more about my Maré experience on the blog, HERE!


// Honorable Mentions //

Culver Hotel / L’Assiette / Little Door Santa Monica / Terrine / Firefly / Sotto / Ivory on Sunset / Q Sushi / Le Petit Paris / Otium / Tasting Kitchen / AOC / Hatchet Hall / One Pico



If you’re going to gift, you might as well gift right. 


Love and Loathing LA Valentine's Day


1. OLYVE // Valentine’s Day ‘Olyve + Alexandra’ arrangement // $150

It’s delivered in the most incredible box (see here) and of course comes complete with gourmet chocolates. I love this brand and these arrangements so much I’ve gotten myself one for Valentine’s Day – true story.

*If you’d like to win your OWN ‘Olyve + Alexandra’ arrangement – or win one to send to YOUR loved one – be sure to check in with me on Instagram (@loveandloathingla) tomorrow (2/9) morning at 8am for your chance to enter to win this gorgeous thing!!!*


2. COMPARTES // Valentine’s Truffles Heart // $99.95

Trust me when I say, worth every single penny.


3. POKETO // Freeway Mug // $18

THAT is true love.


4. FOUR SEASONS // Couples Massage // $340 (60 mins) – $480 (90 mins)

THE place to relax and get massages – especially massages together.


5. JOAN’S ON THIRD // Gift Crate // $100 + up

You can get a crate with just wine + cheese, you can do a tower of sweets, a tower of cupcakes, or you can simply craft your own Valentine’s Day themed crate. Whatever you want, Joan can make for you and your date.



Love and Loathing LA Valentine's Day



What better way to spend time together than by doing something you can BOTH – or ALL – enjoy? (Singles Awareness Day people I see you too!)



From truffles, donuts, macaroons, bread, to fried chicken n’ waffles, Gourmandise wants to show you how to cook all the things you probably never thought you could! [info and schedule here]

*If you’d like to win a $250 gift card for you and a guest to join a Gourmandise cooking class of your choice… be sure to check Instagram (@loveandloathingla) Thursday morning at 8am for your chance to enter!!!*


2. ROLLING GREENS // Arrangement Workshops

Get your hands dirty, sip on champagne, and craft your own succulent arrangements at the Arrangement Bar!

*Join me (and yes, even MY significant other) this Sunday 2/14 at Rolling Greens for a special “Darling Duo Valentine’s Day Succulent Arrangement Workshop”! It’s going to be the darling-est ever. AND, if you’d like to win tickets for two to the event, be sure to check back in to my Instagram (@loveandloathingla) this FRIDAY at 8am for your chance to enter!!! [event info here]


3. THE SPARE ROOM // Swanky bowling

Craft cocktails, Hollywood glam, board games, dim lighting, and old fashioned bowling – complete with a bowl master. Swoon. [info and reservations here]


4. MALIBU WINES // Exotic wine tasting

Nothing says love and friendship like wine tasting in Malibu. Bring your Joan’s on Third picnic, bask in the sun, and sip on LA’s finest. [read more on the blog!]


5. GETTY MUSEUMS // Get some culture together

You can’t go wrong with Getty. Take the day, go to both the Getty Center and the Getty Villa and only have to pay once for parking! It’ll be a grand adventure, and an affordable one at that. [museum info here]

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