LA is full of trends. And as we know, trends fade. One thing that has stood the test of time amid the ever-changing LA climate? Coffee! With entire Instagram accounts dedicated to latte art alone, coffee shops in LA have learned to get creative when it comes to their concoctions.

The crazy thing is that these drinks look as good as they taste. So below are five of the most LA coffee drinks you can get in this fabulous city that taste as good as they look. And trust me, I’m an expert.


  •   If coffee were a dessert, it’d look and taste like Rubies + Diamonds “Caramel Sea Salt Latte”. Every bit of this drink is compliments the other, and it’s the perfect reminder that you can “#treatyoself” and caffeinate too.


[photo credit: @paper_plastik via Instagram]

  • A Lavender Chai (hot or iced!) from Paper and Plastik. Let me just say, this drink is heaven. The hints of lavender in every sip transfers me to a spa, like, immediately. And who doesn’t love chai?


[Photo credit: @averylovestoeat via Instagram]

  • I AM Golden Latte from Café Gratitude. First off, Café Gratitude should be a for sure stop if you’re visiting LA. The entire restaurant names each menu item after affirmations. This latte mixes coconut almond milk with turmeric to create the anti-inflammatory beverage of your dreams. It’s orange-y, yellow and perfect for the gram. An extra point if you ask me.


[Photo Credit: @matchabar via Instagram]

  • An Iced Coconut Matcha Latte. So we all know Matcha is like, so 2017. But instead of coconut milk, Matcha Bar blends Harmless Harvest’s Coconut Water into it’s Matcha, creating the most refreshing drink, like, ever ever.


[Photo Credit: @alfredtea via Instagram]

  • And last but not least, we can’t forget tea. Alfred Tea’s Pink Drink is infused with beetroot for immunity, and then sweetened with organic strawberry and pomegranate. An added touch of Boba makes this pretty pink bevvy go down way too easy.


[Photo Credit: @Juliainezz via Instagram at La Colombe coffee]

  • Bonus Round: any coffee drink with Oat Milk in it. Offering fiber and more protein than almond milk, oat milk is the most milk-like non-milk substitute. It’s also better for the environment, so win-win if you ask me.


Enjoy your caffeine, babes!

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